Advice to Increase 5* roster depth, ty

Having now 37 fully maxed 4* and 5* heroes for war depth, I have stopped in color leveling, I have turned to off color leveling one hero by the time and switched a 2nd TC to lvl 20. If I am lacking ham/food, what I am always suffering, I switch a 3rd TC to lvl20 from time to time.
Now I would like to ask for some advice, which 5* heroes to ascend next. Anyway, I plan to max a 2nd set of 4+ healers for war depth (Rigard, Kiril, Melendor, Boldtusk), while lacking the Ascension Mats (AM) for the 5*, maybe a 2nd Proteus, 3rd Grimm.

Thanks for any advice and suggestions, below you will find my Roster color by color including my options and my currently available 4*AM


Seshat +8
Hel +7
Rigard +12
Proteus +4
Merlin +1
Cyprian +1
Sabina +1
Tiburtus +1

Currently working on Domitia 4-15

Unleveled on the bench:
Grimble, (what can I do with Grimle #02 and #03?)
2nd Domitia
(2nd Proteus, 2nd+3rd Rigard, 2nd Merlin, 2nd Sabina, Ameonna, Cesshire Cat, Boomer))

1.1 Obakan or Grimble, which should get the priorities?
1.2 If Sartana appears from from TC20, should she get the priorities?
I have time, there is only 1 Royal Tabbard in the stock and I am lacking trap tools all the time.


Poseidon +4
Leonidas +1
Guardian Jackal +20
Wu Kong +1
Gretel +1
Chao +1
Li Xiu +1
Inari 3-70

Unleveled on the bench:
Vivica (pulled 2 weeks ago)
2nd Leo
(Danzaburo, 2nd Wu Kong, Hu Tao),

2.1 Should I go with Inari (I like her, because I fear her as opponent) or spend my mats (currently 4 darts) for Vivica instead since she is my only yellow healing option?
2.2 There aren’t any good 4* (classic) heroes worth leveling, but what can I do in order to increase my yellow war roster depth? Build a danza and combine him strictly with Poseidon? Is Leo at 3-70 good?


Frida +4
Richard +1
Grimm +20
Triton +4
Kiril +1
Boril +1
2nd Grimm +1
Perseus 3-70

No Options on the bench here, so I will go with Perseus, having 4 scopes right now. Meanwhile I can build my 1st Sonya or my 2nd Kiril.
3.1 But what should I do if Magni comes from TC20? Still go with Perseus or switch to Magni.
Isarnia will get no AM before any of those two snipers


Tarlak +1
Morgan Le Fay +5
Melendor +20
Hansel +12
Gadeirus +1
Caedmon +1
Little John +1
Kadilen 3-70

On the bench
2nd Melendor and 2nd Caedmon
Kashhrek, Gobbler (no place for both in my play style)

It will take some months to get another 4 Mysterious Tonics.
4.1 If Lianna appears from TC20, she will get them, right?
4.2 What should be the choice if Lianna dodges me, Kadilen or Horghall?

5. RED

Ares +5
Mitsuko +7
Boldtusk +19
Wilbur +12
Scarlett +1
Sumitomo +1
Gormek +1
2nd Wilbur +1

On the Bench:
Black Knight
Marjana (pulled from TC20 on Cristmas Eve)
(Colen, Kelile, Sir Lancelot, 2nd BT)

I have a complete set of 6 rings to spend.
5.1 This gives me hard trouble, I am really looking forward to play with BK, but I have no single red sniper, in which Marjana would fit perfectly. What would you recommend here?
5.2 I think that BK could be more useful at 3-70 than Marjana at 3-70, right? BKs skill at lvl8 will work perfectly at 3-70, but Marjanas damage output will be “meh” from her low attack stat at 3-70.
5.3 Maybe someone can share the stats of both at 3-70 here?

Obviously too much Text. TLDR

Maybe someone will find some time and provide me little advice.

Hopefully it is OK to bump this thread up.


Probably Cheshire cat then second Dom.
If you do get sartana put her in ahead of Dom.
Personally I’m not overly enamoured of Grimble… Definitely push Obakan down the list behind some of your other dupes.

Also, Keep dupe 5* heroes for the hero Academy. If it’s useless can always eat them later :wink:


Inari is beast against titans. Vivica is probably more versatile tho…
I’d take Vivica to 3/70 then work out which is more useful to your play style.

Personally I would be leaning towards Viv as you already have two strong attacking yellows plus jackal. Inari would just be extending your tile damage.

Danza and Hu can be useful in a colour stack. 3/70 heroes likewise are useful in a stack but… Inherently squishy compared to their max ascended version.


Magni >>>>>> Perseus… Ditch him in a heartbeat lol. In this, don’t give Perseus scopes until you got 11 or 12…
Isarnia is great in titans but an emblemed Grimm is better imo.

I’d probably go Sonya first. Dupe Grimm and triton if you got them too before doing a second Kiril.


Lianna is best of the options that can come out of TC20 for sure.
If no Lianna definitely Kadilen over Horghall…

On the 4* front i would say caedmon first then gobbler… He’s surprisingly beastly in a 4* tournament. No point in Kash as you’re long past the stage where he would be a good tank.


Bk bk bk bk bk bk… DO ■■■■■ BK!!!

Marjana is wayyyyy more useful at 3/70 than BK at 3/70. I’m saying this from my own personal experience. BK need survivability to fully maximise his usefulness… No point in taunting if he can’t take the hits…
Marjana is still a sniper… Her damage is still sizeable (450-600 depending on de/buffs)

I have Marj still at 3/70 and a second on the way up… AND have ascended bk first. I also have no red sniper maxed but you don’t necessarily need one… red is more aimed at DoA and tile damage. Especially with the perfect synergy with Wilbur.

Stats for BK and Marjana at 3/70 and 4/80


Rush BK as soon as humanly possible…

He’s okay at 3.70 but gamechanging at 4.80.

Paired with Wilbur the beserk part of his special can turn your team into killers - add a decent AoE hero and it’s a wipeout (even without, cascades finish fights FAST).

He’s a better tank option than any you’ve already got… But he’s so much more than that.

I’d probably agree on CCat, gives you something different and fun to play with… Might help titan scores a bit (bigger Def drop than Tibs, less turns but still useful).

Unless you’re in a real rush, I wouldn’t bother with the 5’s you have.

5* healers are worth their weight in gold… Even at slow mana… I’d do Vivi.
Inari would be fun to play with, I don’t think it’d necessarily be wrong to do her.

Perseus is really uninspiring…
I’m not quite sure why you’re passing over Isarnia? You’ve got snipers, you haven’t got AoE. And Isarnia will make good use of Frida’s elemental debuff and give huge titan tile damage - she’s really good, don’t let slow mana put you off!!

Kadilen over Horg any day… Lianna over either in most circumstances.

BK all day long.

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Many thanks for all your advices, helped me really a lot.
So my plan right now is:
purple: finish Dom (4-70 atm), then start my new guardian panther, while waiting for tabbards 2nd rigard, 2nd proteus…
get Viv to 3-70, then make a hard decision between viv and inari, right now I think viv will get the first set of darts
blue:ignore perseus unless I have 11+ tabbards, work on 4* dupes (grimm, kiril, triton)
green: buddy (new), 4* dupes (melendor, caedmon), Kadilen if lianna will dodge my roster
red: BK of course, don’t know how I could seriously consider Marjana berfore him, but she is 2nd in Queue, then 2nd Boldtusk, anzogh

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Sounds great! And congrats on Panther, love mine.

Seriously consider Isarnia - if you want to hold scopes hoping for something else that’s fine, but Isarnia is way, way more useful than Perseus if it comes to it.

Well, I got very (very, very !!!) lucky on my last atlantis pulls. I summoned three of the four featured heroes in 25 trials. The fourth, Poseidon, dodged me since he saw, that he is already in my roster. :sunglasses:

So i have to reconsider my plans.

Purple: Kunchen or Panther for my next set of tabbards? Knowing how strong Kunchen is, I lean towards Panther for Titans and offense. I do not plan to use kunchen as Tank since I have Black Knight soon fully leveled, so Kun will serve me well at 3-70. Do you agree?

Blue: Is Misandra worth the scopes? I like the mana gain for the whole Team, but she lacks dealing high damage to a designated Enemy. better than Perseus any day, but still better than Magni/Isarnia?

Green: Zeline will get my next Tonics for sure. Kadilen has to wait many more months.

Thanks for advices. :+1:t3:

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