Advice - Tarlak or Alberich

Who to max first, for raid and offense and defense.

Im having the same dilemma,

You can’t go wrong though and there doesn’t seem to be a concensus around this. I asked the 7dd guys and some say Alby while others say Tarlak.

I guess it depends on what you have. Alby is more all aroundish while tarlak is top for titans and events but sucks for defense…

If you need someone for defense, Alby would be better. I would bring Tarlak to any other aspect of the game though and he is very squishy at 3/70. I’d go with Tarlak. Can’t go wrong eith either.

I may go with Alby first. Thanks for the advice.

For your intention, raid offense and defense, I think Alby is better. If it were titans, Tarlak.

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I have both and Gregorian as well and only 5 Tonics right now. I think (and have been told) that Alby is better overall, and for defense specifically. However, I’m looking to have fun with the game more than setting up some unbeatable defense, and I especially like titan fights, so I’m going with Tarlak. I am also getting increasingly frustrated with Wu at 9* and higher titans, so he will be a welcome substitute.

I always go for offensive power. Simply because that’s where the fun is. After all, you don’t play your own defense, and I leave no love for the ai.

As far as pvp goes - killing off enemy teams is the order of the day. Your cups will be lost and your aw team killed no matter which hero’s you field.

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Thanks everyone. I also.tend to give up.the defense team Alberich still makes a better offense team than Tarlak, doses"t he? I be good in alliance wars.

I wiil.roll up.Ares as my main.tank. I.guess his buffs are good enough.for titans. Of.course Tarlak a load of fun to have.

I have both and i say Alberich But depends what you need.
Tarlak is very useful with the stronger Titans but Alberich is a joy in every aspect of this game … see yours slow heroes reload mana faster and save the game is priceless!

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You can look at this one of 2 ways:

  1. If you want a hero that will greatly improve your offense in Raids, have a huge impact in titans and also give you a really good option for monthly events. then go Tarlak
  2. If you want a good raiding hero that does well both offensively and defensively then go Alberich.

I personally recommend Tarlak. If you get to a level where you are getting high grades on titans and can start pushing in events, your growth in this game will accelerate, aka you will get the mats you need to max Alby faster.


This would also be why I would go with Tarlak first.

Alberich is definitely better for raid offense/defense, but Tarlak shines for titans and events.

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