Advice Requested: Purple tank for War defense team (Field Aid)


My guild switched to Purple tanks. The next war is Field Aid.
I would be happy for advice choosing between the 3 following options (+ learning on the way):

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3

Option 1
Pros: Good synergy between Rigard (+Att) and Tibertus (-Defense)
Cons: two healers in field aid may be too much healing in place of firepower.

Option 2
Pros: Proteus is higher level, no more two healers. Enjoy +5% defense family bonus.
Cons: AI may paly Proteus very wrong (bad target/timing)

Option 3
Pros: Rigard and Tiberius synergy again, Sonya has high defense and adds extra firepower and new utility (dispel)
Cons: Skip the excellent Ariel?! (probably my best hero right now)

All options “suffer” from double dark heroes. My red options are problematic for field aid (BT = another healder, Wilbur = if dispelled help enemy, Falkon = not relevant, Scarlet = too little defense, not emblemed). I supposed this is not that bad since attacker will stack yellow that will also get stronger hits by my dark heroes.

I’m really not sure whether Proteus or Rigard will make a better tank - both have downsides.
If not field aid I will probably put Proteus as tank and BT+18 as flank.


Thanks in advance!

Not much but I would tank Rigard and try to avoid putting two purple next to each other.

Don’t double your tank colour except in very specific circumstances - this is a big con and makes you a real points cow for low level mono flagburners (this is a tactic that really works for players without a full 30+ strong hero war bench - rolling up with incomplete or unleveled 4*/5* in mono can score points from good boards, and without proper levelled teams you’re not likely to score much otherwise!).

Your darks don’t do extra damage to holy, so you won’t be punishing holy stacks.

Other notes: Guardian Jackal sucks in defence… Ideally, he’d be out.

Of the ones you’ve got, cRigard is by far the best suited to tanking.
Ariel is your best hero, so she’s got to be in.

This means you have two healers, which is fine but you don’t want a third.

Lianna has better defence stats than your cTibs or Proteus, and she’ll hit more often from flank (even without Ariel’s mana boost)… In a full 5* team she’s generally a wing, but I’d put her flank in your position right now.

So I’m starting from a position of the middle being:
Ariel - cRigs - Lianna.

So what’s left at ideally fast mana (and not healers) for your wings…
Scarlett and Jackal have the required speed but both are glassy (have you gone with the standard attacking path on GJ?).
Li has a useful special, but is average (I presume no costume?) - it could work with Ariel’s help.
Wu wouldn’t be my pick on defence generally anyway, especially not if you aren’t running AoE attackers (the miss% will cause more problems if your sniper misses than if your AoE doesn’t hit all).

Without all the answers… I’d probably lean towards…
Li - Ariel - cRigs - Lianna - Scarlett.

It might not be your highest TP defence available, but it should function as a defence.

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Thanks so much for the detailed insight!

It makes much sense to me, and make me think of new details I haven’t thought of before!

With your advice - this is the team I’ve composed:

Instead of Caedmon I’ve considered Grim+18 as well, but he is average - so I skipped.

Two questions I will appreciate:
Why Jackel is not good for defense? He is very fast and hits fairly. I understand his debuff is irrelevant - but I did consider him as a solid yellow winger (actually - it was my default for a long while).

Here is how he looks like, not that weak imho:

I did consider granting him a little more defense (tier 19 emblem), btw.

Second Question: why Li Xiu costume is that relevant?
It is a fair buff - that’s for sure, but I assume stacking +5% and +24% is not that reliable (defense team get some mana each turn, may be unbuffed when being hit) - so I assumed this is not a game changer.

I’ll be happy to learn a little more.

Thanks again!

Very low defence and HP stats… He’s just far too easy to kill.
It doesn’t help that a key part of his special is irrelevant (as this is factored into power rating), but he’s just too squishy.

Just a general rule to try and keep wings fast speed - with costume bonus and decent troops your average hero gets closer to fast anyway.


Makes sense to put Caed there also, especially with lots of emblems.
Grimm yes is average but also is squishy - on top of that, two blues encourages green stacks with zero punishment to the tiles with no reds in there (ie: green tiles would be strong on two, neutral on three, weak on none)

This team looks much more capable than your first three :+1::tada:


Costumes are important especially for Average mana speed heroes. With the 5% mana bonus they get, it only takes a level 5 mana troops to charge in 9 tiles, making them functionally ‘fast’ speed.

You’ve been given excellent advice so far, but my personal preference would change the order up a bit.

Caedmon - Ariel - C. Rigard - Li Xiu - Lianna

Since the double green are on wings, a red stack won’t be as helpful against you. That also puts your Avg speed heroes all up front, and the wings at fast, as they should be ideally.

I think there’s also a case to be made for using Non-Costumed Rigard. The all-at-once heal can mean a lot, since it can’t be dispelled, and you don’t have to wait.

Thanks for the extra advice!

I will consider Li Xiu re-position.
I am a bit more struggled with Rigard non-costumed, as I really like the +Attk buff.

This is also well worth considering and good logic… Or trying out both and seeing which creates more 2+ flag kills.

I could personally go either way on it - Lianna still has better defensive stats and stacking reds makes Ariel a struggle, especially as she’s the best hero there (my personal choice would still be to use yellows and/or greens against it either way).

We’re splitting hairs a bit here relative to the original three through, which shows how much better it’s gotten :wink:


Scarlett Ariel Rigard Lianna Jackal

Put your fast glass cannons on the wings, Ariel and Lianna can shield them partially.

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