Advice request - Lepiota or Killhare?

I’m mostly looking for raid/war attack hero and would love feedback on Killhare versus Lepiota for tabards. My typical mono purple team would be Kunchen, Alfrike, Freya, Kage, and either Costumed Rigard or Sartana. I know Killhare hits like a truck, but taking a hero out for 4 turns is pretty attractive too. Anyway, thought? Or any other info I can provide?

before you decide I recommend reading this


Thank you CoachNeiko! I was unaware of this bizarre Lepiota behavior. Sounds like, at least, devs are saying most of it is a bug. Don’t know if I should go ahead and max and anticipate a fix or hold off. Right now, Killhare gets my vote. Thanks again for sharing!

Of course! happy to help!

My two cents is to take both to 3-70. Depending on how long that takes you, we might get more word on if Lepiota is being fixed by that point. Plus you can try them both out at 3-70.

Enjoy your new heroes!


Killhare all the way!


Thanks again, btw I meant to say “I wasn’t aware…”. I went ahead with Killhare and plan to start working on Lepiota as soon as I get Killhare to 4-80.

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Of course! I’m glad I could help! Enjoy your new heroes!!

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Nothing to add here except I love your avatar.


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