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Hey there,

My current alliance is using Dark war tanks and I have trouble about who to pick to use my 4* mats, since I don’t have great choices to pick from.

Currently I use Rigard as tank with 18 emblems (783 defense), with Frigg and Cobalt wings and Wu Kong (who will be replaced by Sir Roostley once I max him) and Black Knight flanks.

The only Dark 5 stars I have are Sartana (without costume) almost at 3.70, Grimble, Malicna and Quintus. I am thinking about maxing Sartana, but she would be only 700 on defense and I need my wizard emblems for Cobalt. Grimble has high defense, but except for minion wars, I don’t think he is so useful. Moreover I don’t have emblems either for Grimble or Malicna, as I used them on Rigard, Mist and Boril which I still use a lot.

And of course there is the option to wait. But I’ve been waiting for six months and I don’t think I will continue to do pulls every month like I used to. Your opinions are appreciated :slight_smile:

Among all the heroes you mentioned, malicna is probably the best tank.

She has decent defense when fully emblemed, the damage output is pretty good and all the alternatives is usefull and can make a difference.

All the others don’t really feat in the tank position unfortunately



Among your choices, Grimble is your tankiest hero. Even at max level unemblemed, he is far tankier than your Rigard+18. Problem is, even with tanky stats, he isn’t ideal for defense since he doesn’t have a skill to match his tankiness like most ideal tanks that cuts the attacker’s mana, or boosts health, or heals over time while delaying enemy mana generation, and so on and so forth. However, even if not on minion wars, Grimble is so usable on offense since most defenses in raids have minion summoners as it is the current meta.

The rest of your legendary purples are ideal for defense. My suggestion is to get Rigard’s costume as he provides HoT and that he buffs the attack of the allies. Costumed Rigard at +18 has 813 defense and 1415 health stats. He also cleanses and very useful on offense.


I kept pulling for costumes, but I did not get any purple 4* or 5* costumes yet. Let’s see what the Costume Chamber brings this week :slight_smile:

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You should probably start with replacing Wu Kong with wathever else you have. You mentioned mist, she is miles better.

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Malicna is sneaky good and will tick off a lot of people if she rolls her ultimate, if you are into that sort of thing (and who isn’t? :smiling_imp:)

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How are you with tabbards, tomes and D Blades? If I was low on ascention materials, I’d keep rigard there and wait. Grimble or Malicna are fine if you need a 5 star bulky dark.

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Thanks everyone, I decided to wait since I only have 7 tabards currently. Maybe a better Dark hero will appear soon

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I don’t think you should decide your first purple ascension based on the war tank color. It is subject to change, leaving you with a pretty much useles ascended card in the process. I think the first tabards should go to the hero that will have most impact on your general playstyle, not a niche hero that only acts as a war tank twice a week.


Grimble may not be that bad of an option these days. Minions are getting more plentiful, stronger and now automated in Undead Hordes in wars. He has good tank stats, his crit bonus helps with purple titan stacks and offensively useful with all the minion tanks being used now.

But granted, he is probably not the best option for a tank compared to all the purples out there and alliances do change tank color eventually.

As far as emblems…they come if you take advantage of every opportunity. Im at 51,300 spent and thats from getting every single emblem I can.

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Yes, Grimble is high on my priority list, but somehow I would also want an all-around general-purpose strong Dark 5.*. Hopefully soon :slight_smile:

I wouldn’t prioritize defence (raid OR war) until you’ve got a lot more maxed 5* heroes available to use… At least three per colour before defence should be top priority, IMHO, and preferably more than that!

There are plenty of great heroes that do attack and defence well - Sartana and Malicna are both worthy heroes IMHO.

What I’d recommend, personally, is to ascend whichever you think will boost your raid attack, tournament and maps teams the most.
If that hero isn’t getting emblems, set your raid defence to match your war defence and get some alliance mates to practice test it - then swap Rigard out for your newly maxed 5* and see which they find more difficult to beat, then set that as your war defence.

If there are emblems available for Sartana but not the alternatives then that’s what I’d do - it doesn’t sound like you’re deep in 5* attacking options and even with season one stats, pure snipers are very versatile.

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Thanks, I was actually waiting for people in support of Sartana :). I agree completly that fast snipers are quite versatile. Just that the Wizard emblems are going to Cobalt for now. Hoping though I will get some good Darks from Valhalla or Underwild soon :grimacing:

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