Advice please war def / limit brake

Hi Folks!

I would like to ask for some advice from this great community.
My current war defense team looks like: Silvaria Xiaotu Magni Onatel Jabberwock Costume
My Alliance uses blue as a tank.

Im currently working on: Red Tahir 14/4 Blue: Garyas 22/4 next probably Crystalis( i have all mats) Green : Lady of the Lake 28/3 ( Sorcerer emblems 1818) Yellow : Guardian Jackal 36/3 Next not sure yet Purple: Ana-Belle 57/4 next not sure yet
5star heroes: Yellow: Onatel 85/4 full emblemed,Celidana 80/4
Purple: Sartana 1/4, costume Sartana 80/4, Jabberwock and Costume 85/4 full emblemed
Red: Xiaotu 80/4 ful emblemed, Tahir 14/4
Blue: Richard 80/4 full emblemed, Magni 80/4 full emblemed, Crystalis 1/1
Green:Silvaria 85/4 full emblemed, Winifred 80/4 , Lady of the Lake 28/3
I have got materials to limit break to 85 in BLUE, GREEN, RED and ONE hero to 90.
My question is, who would you limit brake to 90 and to 85 next to get the BEST war defense team from these heroes?
Who would you level up next from these heroes next?
RED: current Tahir 14/80, Zhabog, Scarlett, Junaid, Cillian, Eichbelborg
Full leveled: Aodhan, Sir Lancelot, Wilbur c, Guardian Falcon, Gormek and c, Boldtusk, Xiaotu
BLUE: Current Garyas 22/4,Crystalis, Sanngrior, Triton, Boril with costume, Frank with costume, Valeria
Full leveled:Kiril and c, zila lei, Richard, Magni, Grimm,Sona
GREEN: current Lady of the LAke 28/3, Kalo, Melendor, Peters, Brontes
Full Leveled:Hansel, Silvaria, Gadeirus and c, Caedmon 2 c, Winifred
Yellow: current Guardian Jackal 36/3 andc, WuKong, Hu Tao,
Full Leveled: Onatel, Celidana, D Andre, Gretel, Chao
Purple:current Ana-Belle 57/4,Merlin, Ciprian, 1/4 Sartana
Full leveled: Rigard,Tiburtus,Maedow,Sabina, Ahhotep, Sartana C, Jabberwock C,

Thanks for reading and sorry for the long post.
Good Luck for you kind Folks!

Red - finish Tahir. Eichelborg is a very useful def downer, also useful are Cillian and Junaid (I’m no so keen on him)
Green - finish Lotl. then Kalo
Blue - Frank With Costume for the def down, and then Crystalis
Yellow - Finish Jackal. could do Wu but he is old hat now and never gets any play on my account. Hu Tao meh. I would say wait, or do a 3* or two.
Purple - Finish Ana Bel. Others are meh. Merlin could be a good shout while you wait for more purples to land.

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Finish Tahir. (#1 in training queue)
Zhabog - useful for Bard family bonus, I would put him as #3
Scarlett - good attack stat, otherwise meh. If you don’t get her costumes (and I mean primary AND secondary - not published yet) don’t work on her.
Junaid - OK with heal from damage dealt, but nothing really impressive. #4
Cillian - the Slayers passive and family bonus are useful, even if they charge slowy in the beginning. #2
Eichbelborg - def down, but you already have Wilbur for this function, so no priority, can wait when you will have nobody else in red.

Garyas - same as Zhabog, #1
Crystalis - would be good for defence with other than blue tank. If you are runninig blue tanks Richard is probably your best tank for the moment (unless you 2LB Boril).
Sanngrior - heal-3 are not very useful, can wait.
Triton - nothing spectacular, can wait
Boril - must have, #2 and maybe a candidate to 2LB for blue war tank (only base version, costume only for bonus to 4/70)
Frank - cheaper version of Isarnia with buff-stealing bonus. Good for attack, costume version gives some anti-minion capabilities. #3
Valeria - can wait, main use would be boosting family bonus for Frank.

LotL #1 without discussion
Melendor #2
Kalo #3
Brontes is good, but with effect only to nearby and charge mechanics may be difficult to use, so last in queue.

Jackal #1 for sure
Wu Kong only if you don’t have Edelaide, and don’t emblem him. If you have Edelaide, 2LB her and she will be better than Wu for lower price.
Hu Tao - just forget about him, can be used for food.

Ana-Belle is almost done, so finish her #1, but from my experience she has less use than Sabina and Rigard, where you can choose which statuses you remove.
Sartana #2, no point keeping not fully levelled hero.
Merlin #3, there is never too many SS blockers.
Ciprian - feed him, Boril is better in counterstrike role.

You don’t have very long roster, so you will probably have more benefit from 2LBing 4* or even 3* heroes, cause you will have enough mats to 2LB 3-4 of them, not only one 5*.
It is not very good to have a def team much stronger than the attack teams you can gather for the war. It means that you have to wait for cleanups, and they don’t give many points. But at the same time the enemy killing your defence earns many points so the point balance in war becomes negative.

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Thank you guys for response!