Advice please for hero


So I have sartana and quintus maxed at 80. I need one more tabard and can ascend another to last tier. Choices are Aeron, Khiona , Mok -Arr or Domitia. Thinking Khiona. Wanna beef up raid / titan / war team. Pretty much a all star team. Tried prob 50 pulls for Panther but no luck. Any opinions are appreciated. Thanks.


Khiona. Always.

Then after her, Aeron.


Agreed. Mok-Arr is a truly specialized hero. Great in a particular team (with Wilbur and Khiona), marginal otherwise.

Aeron is a strong addition. In mynalliance he is counted as a “core” hero because of his resistance to Gravemaker and other big DoT heroes. Khiona, however, is superb against titans.


Kinda what I figured. Also have lianna and Ellkanan maxed. Need 2 shields to ascend Greg. My other choices are a 2nd lianna kadilen . Def Greg right? Thanks Again.


You may want to wait until December and try to get Evelyn, the green Panther.


That’s right! Good call. I just got this months hotm. Not sure what to think about her tho. Thanks!


I’d go with Aeron then Khiona.
I don’t have Zimkitha but I don’t know why i’m Not so excited about her. Anyway if u don’t have red 5* she is ok. Good luck!


Khiona’s versatility is better than Aeron’s overall. I love “super regard” to death, but in a close foot race, Khiona edges him out ever so slightly.


Getting close now [ with today’s offer ) need 9ne more scope… choices are Aegir , magni , Thorne or Richard. So basically its aegir or magni. Leaning towards aegir. Thoughts?


Defense/offense choose Aeron.

Titan/offense choose Khiona.


Khiona and Aeron are both good. Use Aeron If you need a Premium healer