Advice on which yellow to ascend

These are my current ascended yellows:

These are my potential candidates:

Any thoughts or input appreciated!

  • Devana
  • Vivica
  • joon
  • Justice
  • Zekena
  • Motega
  • Hanitra
  • Other

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Zekena, Devana or Motega from me.

  • Zekena: specifically to improve titan scores (and maybe events too). Especially if you have no other stronger DD (as his happens to be the highest in holy, and one of the highest in game), he makes a really great, practical option. However, his randomized hit does make him more or less a pain to operate offensively [in raids].

  • Motega: also has a place vs Titans as well, as if you don’t have Franz, he offers the only other increase in damage. However, his is not quite as potent, so if you do have Franz, I may hold off. As otherwise, he’s just a solid support hero - which you already have two of [maxed].

  • Devana: She would be great for offensive raids, especially paired with your C. Leonidas. Amazing one-two punch. She’s also incredibly versatile, dispelling buffs (one of only like… three holy Heroes to do so), countering minions, providing mana over time to all holy allies (or more, if you have another HOTM in her family), and she hits three for an equally solid amount! If you’re looking to improve your tournament/raid offense, I’d opt Devana, as she’s your best option there.

Whoever you choose of these, I really don’t think there’s a wrong answer [here], so follow your gut! If you have any questions, shoot, or else good luck in your decision! May that bring a smile in your daily play :relaxed:


Completely agree with your take.

Zekena is one of only 2 (or 3?) Holy heroes that give DD. I think cVivica is the only other one.

Devana works great as an anti-minion hero- very useful for the s4 final boss battle and general PvP minion meta. With the right emblems/mana troop, she can fire together with other fast heroes. And she has one of the beefiest minions if I am not mistaken.

I have been playing with Anastasia who I think is a mini-Montega in some respects. I do like her so I think Montega is also a good option.

Overall, I voted for Zekena. I think he fits into my playstyle. I hope you pick one that fits your playstyle too.


Close between zekena and motega. But I chose motega because the damage amplifier ailment is quite unique and not a lot of heroes have such an ailment