Advice on which three star heroes to keep

My best team has a value of 3656, and is made up of 4* heros with emblems and 3/70 5* heroes. I have 30 4*/5* heroes of roughly equal colours.

I also have a few 3* heroes that I have maxed, a few with emblems (): -
Yellow - Bane

Purple - Tyrum, Balthazar*, Prisca,
Green - Isshtak*
Blue - Karil, Gunnar

I have some which are partially ugraded :

Blue - Greymane 2/22,
Green - Brienne 3/16, Menesseus 2/27, Friar Tuck 1/5
Purple - Reinfeld 2/20
Red - Nashgar 2/7

Then I have those below which are just sitting in the queue:

Yellow - Pixie, Melia
Green - Muggy, Berden
Red - Namahage, Rudolf

My question is do I need to keep all these? I find I am naturally concentrating on upgrading the 4/5* heroes, and the 3* are merely in a long queue which I probably wont get round to as it takes so long to level heroes. Are there any 3* heroes I could get rid of, presumably not the levelled ones,but what about those only partially levelled? Is there any that i should prioritise? But above all which do I keep?

Appreciate its a long message but any help gratefully recieved.


Prisca, Greymane, Renfeld, Ishtak and maybe Tuck can be fed away.

Keep at least 1 of each element and everything that provides health, but there are better rare healers than Tuck.

All the others are great rares.


keep every hero one time! simple! becasue you never know whats happening and for example tuck is awesome healer, i even have two tucks for each flank and it is fun to play!

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Really depends on if you’re hurting for space.

If not, keep them, simply because they’re always useful for tournaments and challenges, and depending on what 4/5 you have maybe for trials too.

I got rid of a lot of my undeveloped 3*, but have since gotten several back and leveled them (when I had nothing better of that color!) if I needed for trials. Will be keeping more in the future for challenges.


Agree, and Dawa if you have later on.
But,… if you already leveled those heroes, I recommend keep for a while, it is because maybe the costume has better skill for those heroes. And if you have heroes caps issue, just fed away, those heroes will come often later on.


It sounds like you need more ascension materials, which the challenge events can help with. The rewards at the rare tier won’t be super helpful, but they’re much better than they used to be, and they’re better than nothing. So you’ll want to keep enough of a roster to be able to complete those each month. You can do that with a rainbow, but it will be a little challenging, and there is always a penalized color, so you would ideally want at least two rare heroes of each color.

For red and yellow, all three options you listed are good choices. Hang onto a Hawkmoon if you get one.

For green, Mnessus and Brienne should get your focus for now, and hang onto a Belith if you get one. Hang onto Isshtak until you have some green depth. Berden is worth keeping, but not prioritizing over your 4*s at this point.

Purple, keep Balthazar and Tyrum.

Blue, keep the two maxed heroes you have and look for a Valen. Gato can be useful, too. You could eventually feed Karil.


I’d like to add a vote for Melia, the plus 20% team critical attack makes her a 3 star attack weapon IMO. Worthy of a roster spot anywhere.
EDIT: and i’m looking forward to giving Pixie a run.

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Agree with both @Olmor and @jinbatsu. Although if already leveled you may want to keep them. Dawa/Renfeld/Prisca are pretty terrible so don’t worry too much over those 3. I know they are bad because I manage to pull several of each almost ever summons. I do have a leveled Renfeld and Prisca and haven’t used them at all. I’m keeping them simply because I leveled them.

P.S Renfeld and Dawa’s tile damage isn’t terrible for a 3*…so I guess there’s that?

P.P.S @Benn has some good advice. Maybe I’m a bit jaded on the Renfeld/Prisca/Dawa from them visiting so much. Like Ben said they could be helpful in a stack…except Dawa, feed her away immediately I swear she has cooties!!!

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I like the list of @jinbatsu - Bauchan and Pixie to add.
So if you get some new ones and don’t know if you should keep them…

But the leader board on challenge events almost always consists of Rudolph, Namahage and on red reflect Gato. Five times.
But for tournament def not so useful :smiley:


I recommend hanging onto ALL the 3*'s you’ve leveled, even if they don’t have an apparent use. They’ll still have a place in events, raid tourneys, and filling holes in Class Quests.

I know costumes are on hold for the time being, but they’ll be back, and your old dusty 3*s may have new life breathed into them. Just look at Hawkmoon and Gunnar’s costumes.