Advice on teams after my first Atlantis Summoning

My team now after 2 weeks & my box


Boldtusk, Belith, Bane, Valen, Proteus

Stop working on Toril for sure and switch over to Valen. Tyrum is good, but you’ve got the dispel covered with Belith, and Proteus’s special will REALLY help you on titans and raids at this stage.

Your next set should be Kelile, Mnessus, Chao, Gunnar, and Sabina. I would be looking to draw greens and blues (elemental summons) when you have the gems to do it. And then I’d replace 4* blues (Grimm, Sonya, Boril) and Greens (Caedmon, Melendor) for your three stars in the second group.

You could start working on Evelyn, but she takes SO many resources to level up that you’ll probably be better served with Mnessus or another 4* green. When I first started I got Alby as a HOTM pull, and so I started working on him right away, his special made it worth it for me to spend those resources, but I’m not sure if Eve’s special is in the same class.

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