Advice on team please


Hi. Apologies for messy formatting and painful lack of comas writing on a phone is cumbersome.

So im at that silly point where i have more heroes than i can ascend and im pretty torn about how to build a nice strong team that will be best for most uses. I dobt have nearly enough ascension materials yet to build two separate raid teams titan team event team… :stuck_out_tongue:

I have one full ascended hero and its Li Xiu cause i heard long ago she was a beast and i figured she wont be a waste of materials. She is pretty raid oriented tho i think. I would like a team that can compete in the future events and do well on the titans. Cups can wait they are useless lol.

Anyway. Heres who i got to choose from:

Hu Tao



Little john


Thanks for any advice!


I post my suggest for color and why (i take in consideration only that you have Xiu):

-Wu kong: he is a beast for titan and event too. Must have
-Cyprian: well… uh… at least you need 1 purple.
-Kiril: a really good hero. If you take him, don’t take Boltusk (and reverse).
-Little john: i really like his slowing mana effect, and he has great attack too. Melendor may be a good second.
-Gormek: must have a defence down hero.

In general, always have an attack buffer, defence debuffer, and a dispeller if you can.


Agree on Boldtusk (love that +ATK and heal), WuKong (though the beast has flaws).

Typically in Titan fights you want strong hitters over AOE types. I take no healers with me on Titans below 8*. I’m tempted above that.


My opinions…

Boldtusk gormek and wukong are a must on titan attacks. They are your buffers/debuffers. They’ll help you hit the hardest.
As for the other two slots, it’ll depend on what you are fighting. Melandor is good since he heals and removes buffs. Boril/Cyprian can be handy due to reflect damage. If you depserately need a 3rd red, Colen could work too though i wouldnt recommend it for attacking.

What id do if i had your heroes…

Titans - Boldtusk, gormek, wukong, Melandor,Sonya (Substitute Sonya for the correct colour)
Events - pretty simliar to above except sub Sonya for Boril/Cyprian, depending on what colour you need.


I concur with tunafish. For raid attacking, that same Tusk Gormek Wu Mel Sonya team is going to be good as well - I have tusk (almost 70) and Melendor (3/60) and they work great together. Think of Mel as a debuffer with a big attack stat that also happens to heal.

For your defense team, Li Xiu can be a good fit there, though you’ve got a bunch of good tank options (boril, Li Xiu, Tusk).