Advice on roster for new player

So I just started playing a couple of weeks ago on a f2p basis however I have in to one of the deals today and have picked up quite a few 4 star heroes. Wanted some advise on what 5 I should start concerntraring on as my previous couple of 4 stars that I’d started levelling I don’t feel are great…

You should try to level up your heroes who increase attack and decrease defense.

Boldtusk is a very good hero, try to bring him to a good level.
Gormek could be useful with his defense reduction and Scarlett is a great hero but Boldtusk come first.
Colen is ok but he isn’t the best red outta here.

Rigard is the only epic hero who cleanse your team, Id ascend him over Sabina buuuut… he can wait until she reach 3.60 (third ascension, lv60). Cyprian could be one of the best heroes for players without many heroes as he use foe’s strength to deal damage.

For Valeria you could level her without problems, she will be useul on many aspects of the game :slight_smile:


Everything @FraVit93 said.

Since all your purple 4* are healers, you could consider starting with Gormek instead of Boldtusk for red.


Great thanks for the advice! Still getting to grips with all the different hero abilities and strategies for game play types so much appreciated.


Here some useful pics for both beginners and advanced players:

  • Courtesy of 7DD