Advice on raid/war set up?

Hey all - avid reader, first time poster. This forum is a great resource!

After using the same defense team for what feels like an eternity, I now have some options as I just got the final mats for Guin and am working on maxing her. Curious to hear what others would use and in what order left–>right

Maxed toons:
Holy: Joon, Guinevere (not quite 80 yet), Wu Kong
Dark: Sartana, Rigard, Proteus
Ice: Misandra, Kiril
Fire: Ares, Boldtusk, Wilbur
Nature: Tarlak, Hansel, Melendor

I have used Rigard in almost all of my defense teams, but now considering the following lineup once Guin is levelled. The thought being that Misandra’s defense is pretty high and she could benefit from HOT from either flank. Obviously, Misandra and Sartana could be swapped.


Is this a good setup or should I consider something different? Thanks for any input!

Heroes like Ares/Guin suck on flank (only my opinion), Tarlak do nothing on defense, his healing isn’t enough and his buff is for puzzles not for speciall attacks.
IMHO your best defense can be:

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Interesting. For wars, do you think Melendor would be better than Hansel (healing/debuff?)…especially for the second version?

Either way I see your points…I will experiment with these once Guin is finished.

Personally, I like the suggestion of Boldtusk, Misandra, Guin, Sartana, Hansel

I generally don’t like Hansel on defense, but you need hitters, and he’s a good one. Tarlak is great, but his only appreciable benefit on defense is his healing, and you’ve already got healing.

I also think that you’re probably in… mid platinum? A maxed Guin should give people fits at that level, and that can cover for some less-than-ideal defense heroes (i.e. Hansel).

For wars, I’d still take Hansel. two healers is enough, and you’l lose a lot of hitting power with Mel in place.


When you choose Guin tank option, keep Hansel
If you choose Ares tank Option i think Melendor can be better beacuse you have 3 fast 5* hitters here


Good feedback guys…I appreciate it. I have a couple of greens (Zeline, Evelyn) who I haven’t started yet…one of them will be a focus as I give Hansel a go.

@Jalia - I usually rank in the high Platinum/low Diamond rankings…I am usually able to get up around 2500 cups on offense before falling back on defense (current attack team: Tarlak, Joon, Ares, Misandra, Rigard).

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