Advice on next yellow Guin or 2nd Joon? Roc?

Ok, so not really Roc. Current maxed yellows are C. Joon, Malosi, and Vivica. I have Telluria and my alliance runs green tanks so I don’t need a tank. Joon seems to be the obvious choice but just want to make sure. Of note, if 2nd Joon is the choice, I’ll also be leveling a 2nd Jackal, otherwise a 2nd Mist

current roster:

2nd Joon…
Your rationale is very justified.

A second Joon and costume is only ideal if you already have a deep bench. I would ascend Roc, one of the 3 holy heroes that deal damage over time and an average speed cleanser. In the current meta, you can’t go wrong with as many cleanser heroes as you can. You’d eventually level your second Joon and costume. But if I were you, I’d maxed Gretel first, then 2nd Jackal and then 2nd Mist.

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Finishing Gretel is certainly on my to-do list, but a fairly minor task. Regarding Roc, other than variety for the sake of variety, I don’t see him a helping more than Joon. It’s possible (maybe even probable) that I lack the imagination to see the usefulness of him, but the DOT seems mostly inconsequential, obviously the cleanse is great with Vivica and Raf as my only other 5* cleansers, but I’ve also got 2 C. Rigards, Sonya, and Caedmon for cleansing. Honestly, I’m just not very high on Roc, though again I acknowledge I may be very wrong about him

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In my honest opinion, given your roster, I would focus on a second Joon in costume
Whichever hero you choose good luck

Now I remember. The reason I was able to hoard 22 rings and 19 darts currently is that I was busy working on 3 and 4* red and yellow heroes while placing the legendaries temporarily at 3/70.

2nd Joon isn’t a bad idea… but why not Roc? Just curious.

He’s an average speed yellow cleanser to all allies – faster than Viv, and the only other hero better at doing that in yellow is G. Gazelle who you don’t have.

Personally I see nothing wrong with Roc.


I would do Roc before a second c Joon, though I value variety and have avoided duplicate 5*s myself. Roc has a bad rap and I think it’s not entirely deserved, though I must admit mine is sitting at 1.1. I play a lot with multiple AOE and DOT heroes and it adds up quickly. If I didn’t have Rana at +19 I would have leveled Roc straight away.


Most players who berated Roc already may have Rana or already knew how Rana performed in raids and in wars. I myself have Rana obtained last year, stayed for 3/70 for almost 12 months, and was able to ascend her only last SandEmpire event. I would also ascend a Roc if I had that bird, too

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Honestly Roc is a great hero. I know his damage is low for his speed, but his cleanse to all allies is pretty invaluable in this meta and the healing reduction on all is very effective against GTV teams (again pretty invaluable for this meta). I see no reason why he shouldn’t get priority given OPs bench personally.

Obviously he won’t be getting Barbarian emblems since GM is in that roster, but he has pretty good stats so he doesn’t really need emblems to be usable on offense.

My vote goes to Roc.

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You have Joon, Jackal and Malosi as hitters, well Malosi is not as strong as his physique shows (steroids maybe)

After seeing what Roc does, He would my choice not only for the cleansing but the undispellable healing reduction which can be quite helpful against those heavy healing teams (i don´t know if it also reduces field aid healing)

Yes, it does reduce healing aid too

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I didn’t anticipate all the respect for Roc when I started reading this topic. You folks have me thinking about maxing him now. Thanks.

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Thanks for all of the replies. Not sure it helped to make my mind up any, in fact may have made the situation worse lol. Think I’ll take Roc to 3-70 and see how I like him and if he fits with my play style.

He has only good stats and nothing else.

Some 3* heroes has better special skill then him.
Roc is a joke when compared to other new heroes.