Advice on next red hero or green?


Let me know your opinion what my next move should be Green or Red?
So far i have only JF + 19.
I am very weak at green having only +19Telluria to max

Here some picture of my roster.
I’m only missing this tomes , they are my weak point.
I have the mats to upgrade like 8 heroes but only the books are missing.
That is why I’m so careful on my next heroes
Here are my green ad red 5*

And here is the rest of my rooster

Thank you!

I think Marjana looks like the next best choice

I would go with Jade

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If your choice would be only about greens or either a red or a green id say Jade or Atomos. I may lean more towards Atomos because you need more offensive power in green. Telluria is nearly useless in offense and Jade is good but not spectacular. You dont need a green tank so theres no hurry in maxing any of your greens id say.

Regarding your reds i would pick Marjana. Its wisely to have one sniper in each colour at least and she may be the best option among those reds. If you can throw emblems to her you will have your new favourite red.

Good luck!

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