Advice on next hero to level

Any advice on who to level next? 5*s take forever and just wanted to throw it out there before I get into one. Thanks in advance! I’ve added a couple of screen shots per comments. As far as mats are concerned I should be good to go for ascending anyone right now. Thanks again

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Probably helpful to see the rest of your roster in terms of who you got maxed and also who else is available

Audi what does your ascension material stockpile look like?


without knowing your roster:
Purple: Sartana
Yellow: Malosi (I put mine above Joon, but I have Poseidon already leveled)
Green: Telluria
Red: Mitsuko
Blue: wait.

I think you can’t do wrong with these.

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It’s difficult without knowing what’s currently in your roster and without knowing if you have the mats to fully max a 5 star in every colour.
But the obvious one from what I can see would be Telluria
Whichever hero you choose good luck


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As mentioned above, a full snapshot of your roster would be helpful.

Here’s a great link to check out too.

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