Advice on my team (lots of questions)

Hello everyone! I have a number of long range questions pertaining to my current roster. TLDR who do I focus my mats on?

Below is my current defense team, I currently stand at 2400-2500 cups.

I also have the following heroes for each color with numbers in parentheses as their emblem level.

Purple: Proteus 4-70 Rigard 4-70, Merlin 4-70, Tiburtus 4-70, Khiona 1-12

Yellow: Wu Kong 4-70 (18), Gaurdian Jackal 4-70, Vivica 3-70, Chao 3-60, Hu Tao 3-60, Onatel 2-43

Blue: Grimm 4-70 (19), Kiril 4-70, Isarnia 3-70, Triton 3-60, Boril 3-60, Sonya 3-26

Green: Caedmon 4-70 (15), Kashhrek 4-70, Melendor 4-70, Gregorian 3-70, Caedmon 3-60, Margaret 2-39

Red: Boldtusk 4-70 (14), Wilbur 4-70, Sir Lancelot 3-60, Scarlett 3-60, Colen 3-60, Marjana 3-64

As you can tell I’m currently working on Khiona, Onatel, Sonya, Margaret, and Marjana. I’m still short on 4 star ascension mats but have enough 3 star mats to get them all to 3-70. Apart from the 4 star heroes above who haven’t made it to their final ascension I also have the following heroes I’m struggling with deciding who should get the mats.

Purple: 2nd Rigard, 2nd Proteus, 2nd Tiburtus Cheshire Cat, Ammeona, Grimble x2, Cyprian, and Sabrina

Yellow: 2nd and 3rd Drake Fong, Ranvir, Leonidas, 2nd Vivica, Gretel, Li Xiu, 2nd Wu Kong

Blue: Captain of Diamonds, Valeria, 2nd Kiril, 2nd Grimm, 2nd Sonya, 2nd Triton

Green: Elkanen, Kadilen, 2nd Margaret, Little John, Gadeirus, 2nd Melendor

Red: Grazul x2, Sumitomo, Kelile, 2nd and 3rd Boldtusk, 2nd Scarlett

I have 8 orbs (4 reserved for Onatel, and I figured 4 for Gretel). 9 hidden blades ( 4 for Grazul, and 4 for Sir Lancelot?). 9 trap tools (4 for Khiona, 4 for a 2nd Rigard). 4 shields (Margaret really?), and 4 warm coats (Sonya I’m assuming?).

Is this the best plan of attack? I’m really going back and forth over how to use my blades and orbs. Isn’t Lancelot less effective with Boldtusk in play? And should I be getting my yellow 5 stars moved along rather than focusing on Gretel, it should I bite the bullet and get Chao and Gretel rather than worrying about getting Onatel up and running at 3-70? As you can tell I have paralysis by analysis. I tend to stack in alliance wars and focus on the following titans > AW > maps > raids.

Also any thoughts on my defense team going forward, placement, etc. Any advice would be great thanks.

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Whew. That was a very detailed post. :slight_smile:
My thoughts…

Purple: Rigard and sabina (not sure what titans you’re facing but khiona at 3/70 might be useable. Pro#2 isn’t a bad choice either for mana manipulation and you may prefer him over gretel depending on how to create your war teams. But cleanse and dispel are definitely good features to have in heroes)

Yellow: drake (or wait for joon from tc20. Gretel is a solid option since you don’t have Hansel. Second viv eventually for war depth but she’s not sturdy enough at 3/70. No need for a second Wu… or ranvir since you’ve emblemed your first Wu)

Red: marjana, grazul and Scarlett (second grazul eventually… but get some other red 5s maxed for diversity)

Green: LJ and Gad (although slow, both will be great additions to your blue titan stack)

Blue: Sonya and Grimm (since you have Grimm heavily emblemed, I wouldn’t waste scopes on isarnia. Hope for magni from tc20 or vela next month)

I think you have some great supporting options, between cleanse, dispel, attack/defense buffs etc… but lack some snipe. Hope you get joon, sartana, Lianna and magni from tc20 soon… and although marj isn’t considered a great sniper, at least she’s pretty tanky and you already have her.

If you’re trying to improve in AW, I would focus on heroes you can max first. Most maxed 4s work better than 5s at 3/70.

I’ll be interested to read other suggestions.


Hey thanks a lot for the reply! Yeah I get detailed because I’ve seen people do the opposite and it takes a dozen posts of questions till the necessary info has been drawn out of the to give an answer. A couple of follow ups. I am actually swimming in reset tokens I have like 10. Should I use two to give my tokens from Wu to Drake and from BT to Kingston? Also what I am (somewhat) surprised to hear Grazul being plugged. There seems to be a lot of hate on here for her, yet every time I face her it’s a nightmare match. Thoughts?

For the emblem question - I’ve done a couple of swaps from 4 stars I always use to 5 stars, and end up regretting it.

Boldtusk and wu get used so much for me that I really like having them with emblems to better survive titans and hold up in raids.

If your alliance wants you to max your war def, then sure, but otherwise, I’d get your wu and boldtusk to a good emblem break point, and then start with your 5 stars.

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I love grazul and use her with falcon, Mitz, joon and viv. Her resist gives viv enough time to charge for her D buff. I’d max another if I could. Haven’t seen her much on defense but that doesn’t seem like a good place for her since she needs to be timed properly.

As far as emblems, I wouldn’t strip them off of Wu and BT… but probably a good idea to turn your attention to drake and Kingston, both stellar heroes. I have a few 4s emblemed to maximize their sustainability… :woman_shrugging:


Hey thanks for the advice friends, it’s greatly appreciated!

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Happy gaming! :slight_smile:


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