Advice on my defense team

What do you think is the best raid defense team i can field out of these heroes?(all are at max level):

Dark: Obakan Sabina Rigard
Holy: Leonidas WuKong LiXiu Chao
Ice: Kiril Boril Grimm
Nature: JackO’Hare Melendor Caedmon
Fire: Gormek Boldtusk

Any advice on it welcomed

Boldtusk - Obakan - Boril - Caedmon - Leonidas

Edit: not necessarily on that order. You may want to put the healer next to the tank to fire more… and since Caedmon is fast mana he can be on the corner

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Once Leonidas gets his 75% health-drain buff, give him a mana troop (which buffs heal%) and set him as your tank.

Obakan-Kiril-Leonidas-Boril-Boldtusk should be a pretty big pain.


Obakan, Caedmon, Kiril, Leonidas, Boldtusk is my suggestion.

I like two healers (especially if neither are 40%+ healers) and you’ll get better uptime on the attack buff with both Kiril and BT. Then three hard hitters in Oba, Caed, and Leo. If you put Boril in there, then you sacrifice offense, and I know I for one love raiding against teams with only two hitters.

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Grimm - Boldtusk - Leonidas - Obakan - Jack