Advice on my def team

Hi there.
Im looking for an advice on defensive Team. Not sure if i should replace heimdall. My Glenda is getting close to talents and comparing the power is way stronger now. Currently don’t have materials to ascend heimdall or zimkitha.

My current def team:
In order from left:

I was thinking about something like:

My hero roaster:

Thanks in advance

At a first glance you need to focus on 4* heroes first. You can’t max 5*, but you, most likely, have materials for 4* heroes that could be even better than 5* at 3d ascension.

I have my Brynhild and Mist is maxed out so is Glenda my first 5*. I only need 2 more tabards for seshat max and 2 more darts for a yellow hero. Red and green I need 3 more (rings/tonic).

I’ve got 4 tomes of tactics as well.

I can’t seem to find compasses.
I’ve got multiple heroes waiting to ascend
Currently got 6xgloves and all other ascension materials over 10x for each colour.

My question is with my current heroes level/ascension what would be the best setup for defensive team.

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