Advice on my box who get's AM for best defense team ect

I’m looking for the best defense team I could make with what I have. With all that’s going on in the game I’m trying to be active in everything. Of course I’m weak in most of the trials meaning the last stage, first 2 are always completed. My TC20 comes online in 14 hours so maybe my luck will change for 5*‘s then. Maybe even get Colen, Caedmon,Tiburtus, or Boril the 4*s I’m missing. I have 14 EHT to use in the next special event got Jack O’ Hare in the last event and then stop summoning. Any or all advice please. AM are listed also.

Green 5*
Evelyn 2:22

Yellow 5*
Inari 1:29

Red 4*
Boldtusk 4:80 +6 Wilber 4:54 Scarlett 3:60
Gormek 3:60 Sumitomo 2:30 Kelile 2:1

Green 4*
Kashhrek 4:80 Melendor 4:80 Little John 3:60 Jack O’ Hare 2:40

Blue 4*
Grimm 4:80 +6 Kiril 4:35 Sonya 3:60
Triton 3:45

Yellow 4*
Chao 4:70 Wu Kong 4:19 Li Xiu 3:20
Hu Tao 4:33

Purple 4*
Proteus 4:80 +4 Rigard 4:59 Cyprian 4:1
Sabrina 3:44 Cheshire Cat 2:1


Boldtusk 1:1(×4) Wilber 1:1(×3) Scarlett 1:1(×3)
Kelile 1:1(×2)

Melendor 1:1(×2) Little John 1:1(×2) Gobbler 1:1
Skittleskull 1:1(×2) Gadeirus 1:1

Kiril 1:1 Sonya 1:1(x2) Grimm 1:1 Agwe 1:1(×3)
Triton 1:1(×2)

Hu Tao 1:1(×2) Li Xiu 1:1(×2) Wu Kong 1:1
Danzaburo 1:1

Proteus 1:1 Cyprian 1:1(x2) Sabrina 1:1(×3)
Cheshire Cat 1:1 Ameonna1:1(×2)


You’ve got some good heroes. One option for def could be

BT-Li Xiu-Kashhrek-Cyprian-Sonya

Quite passive but would be annoying for most opponents in gold/plat.

A more offensive option could be

BT-Sonya-Li Xiu-Cyprian-LJ

And hope that LJ lives long enough to fire. Could also swap places for BT and Sonya here, might make for a better outcome but less painful initially for the opponent.

It’s nice to put fast heroes on the wings but I could only see Sonya and Chao there, and Li is a lot better than Chao for def. Sonya can be a proper pain though. BT and Kashhrek are both top 4* tanks (but personally I take on either of them before Li any day - she’s SO annoying!).

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Well, hrm, saw that you have Scarlett and Triton too (and Kelile but you’ve got better options for red)!

Triton could be an option to Sonya for the second alternative, putting BT on left flank. It also might make more sense for your attack teams to max him before Sonya, as you already have two dispellers.

Scarlett can be brutal but is very squishy. An alternative including her could be

Triton-Rigard-Li Xiu-Kashhrek-Scarlett

I heard box in the title… thought it was a random shout out to, moi :yum:

But to be on topic you have a bunch of heroes to chose from. Just chose something you like or suit your style…

Inari would be decent for minions, grab a healer and some offence

So you are saying max level Triton before Sonya as far as AM?
And I am also debating about hidden blades and giving them to Scarlett. Guess I was waiting around to see if I was going to get Colen.

If it makes sense to you - you should max them both for sure, but start with the one you want to put on def.

They are both fast blue snipers, Tritons increase healing can help you make do with only a semi-healer such as BT if you want to put them both on def and leave out a proper healer. Sonya has that very useful dispel, but you already have two dispellers on the way in Mel and Sabina.

I don’t think you’ll ever regret maxing Scarlett. She is a tad risky on def, although can work beautifully there too, but very handy on offense and against titans.

Ok thanks for your input now I have definitely got decisions 2 make on what I want to prioritize first.

@NPNKY @Kerridoc @JGE
Any advice on this? Got my TC20 up and going so I will start making my push on 5* soon. Things like who gets shield’s first Evelyn, Little John, or Jack O Hare? Who gets capes first?Want to have the versatility in my core of maxed 4*s for all the different game modes & trails

You have the mats to max Evelyn, so she’s your next green project. Same with Inari for yellow. For the other colors, I’d take your remaining 4* to 3/60 and see what TC20 spits out

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