Advice on Mnesseus

I just pulled him in both accounts first pulls. Is he worth embleming up or should I save the emblems for someone better? My main account has the 155 cleric emblems. I am ecstatic to finally get him because I have been needing another 3 star debuffer aside from Tyrum for the seasonal events.

He is better than any regular green 3 star, but I wouldn’t suggest to put emblems on. Actually I wouldn’t suggest to put emblems to any 3 star, the difference is not so big. Eventually you will get decent 4 star and 5 star heroes, and there you will need them. But you can do that if you feel like you need that. I actually also have 3 stars with emblems, but I have 4 reset buttons I will use once I found decent heroe

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Mnesseus is a very good 3*, he’s a mini Caedmon, but I would save those cleric emblems for a 4* or 5* healer instead. 3* snipers don’t benefit much from the cleric class because there aren’t many heroes that would reduce their mana.

It’s up to you. I had a Mnesseus +7 and he did very good in some monthly events. I resetted his emblems and gave them to Kunchen tho.

3*+20 versus 3*+1

Gryphonkit, my wife, loves her 2x rainbow 3*+20 teams for completing Challenge event rare tier and getting 1 World Energy flask and 5+5 emblems. Gryphonkit also thinks 1 Dragon Bone in inventory is 1 too many when it could be a Dragon Attack. She could quit the game at any time.

I like my 2x rainbow 3*+1 teams. I am waiting to see how Costumes and Hero Academy works since I have 1x 10x classes 4*+18 heroes. I may quit at any time, but I intend to play for 3-6 years.

Note: 3*+1 heroes can be reset for gems. You get 100% emblems back but permanently lose 13k iron.

Both of us are happy with our play styles.

green 3* sniper dispeller

If you do give Mnesseus emblems, you will be using Mnesseus as a green sniper.

Because 3* healers are only green and red, I either run 2x Belith, 2x Hawkmoon or one of each. So I usually only have room for 1x or 0x 3* green.

If I am running 1x Belith I usually run 1x Brienne and 1x Melia for their buffs.

So I discovered my Mnesseus 3* 3.50 is awesome, but has gotten zero use. Similar to the situation with yellow Classic 4* heroes versus Wu Kong/ Danzaburo/ Guardian Jackal. It is not that Mnesseus is not awesome, but there are three heroes in my roster ( 2x Belith, 1x Brienne ) that are consistency more useful.

red, or blue, 3* sniper dispeller

I really would love a red, or blue, 3* sniper dispeller but with my luck the Devs will add a red 3* hero “X% target. Caster counterattacks with 75% damage for 5 turns”.

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he definitely hits harder than fellow 3* dispeller Tyrum. he’s worth leveling up and maxing. emblems, depends. I have mine at +6 because I don’t have any 4* or 5* Clerics yet, so if you really need him and have no other good Clerics I say go for it


Manashield only protects him against Gan Ju, Azar and Rudolph for the 3* tournaments. It would be niche at best, but the only reason you’d emblem him wouldn’t be for that anyways. It’d be for stats.

I brought mine up to +5 just so he’d help me in the 3* events. But then I parked him there, and spent all my emblems on the 4* clerics I have.

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@DaveCozy Yeah those really good 4 star clerics (looking at you Rigard and Boril!!) continue to elude me. So I am making do with what I got. I also recently got a 3 star from the Sakura family that is a dark element (can’t remember the name off the top of my head) and he fits right in with my newfound mana control playstyle. I have a fair idea on what I am gonna do with both him and Mnesseus so I appreciate all the tips everybody and happy Atlantis summon hunting!! And happy farming!!


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