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I have been playing for a month or so and have the following heroes and wondering what to use my ascension mats on. I have the mats for purple or red, and just need another compass to do the other (which I hope I can finish the intermediate challenge and get). I am mostly looking to build the strongest overall team I can for everything to start (quests/titan/war/raid/defense). I also already did a green and a blue ascension and I am not at all close on yellow (only 1 orb).

(5*) Evelyn: 3/50
Caedmon: 1/1

Kelie: 3/60
Boldtusk: 3/40

Sonya: 4/40
Kiril: 3/20

Hu Tao: 3/60
Wu Kong: 1/1

*Rigard: 3/60
Rigard: 1/1

I have VIP so I can do a pull every once in a while, so far I had really good luck. Also I want to finish the intermediate challenge to get another compass (so I can do another accession) how strong of a team do you need to finish the challenge (I have stockpiled a bunch of axes, bombs and health and mana pots)? I can’t take in Rigard or Evelyn so I was trying to power up Kiril and Boldtusk before it starts so I could being them in.

You will only be able to use 3 and 4* heros in the intermediate challenge.

To finish intermediate, you’ll want at least an entire team of 4* at 3/60. It might be difficult without being able to omit the reflect color, though. Next reflect is purple, so it’s not ideal using Rigard, but still better than an offensive purple. Too, you should know, this next event won’t be featuring a compass as the completion reward; Pirates is the only event out [currently] that offers a glove instead of a compass.

As for leveling:

Green: I’d actually get Caedmon leveled to 60 before bothering with Evelyn. Evelyn can’t be used in intermediate, and your 4* Caedmon will have better stats than Evelyn when he’s at max vs her 3/70. Plus, Evelyn works best paired with another green, so Caedmon can fill that role for you.

Red: Boldtusk is an amazing hero, and one I’d prefer to level before Kelile always, but you might struggle in the event running two healers. Even still, Boldtusk is a vital 4*, one of the best, and you’ll use his attack buff (and heal) nearly everywhere. Amazing for Titans and events. Kelile is good for a fast sniper hit, but she’s no where near as awesome as BT. It depends on your priorities, but if you want a more versatile hero for Titans, I’d go BT. If you really just want more offensive heroes, then I spose you could do Kelile (still, my vote is for BT).

Blue: Honestly, since you don’t have many hitters on your team, I’d do Sonya first for the fast hit and dispel. Usually I’d prefer Kiril first, but that would be way too many healers right away. Although, Kiril is just as useful as Boldtusk in versatility (for Titans and events), and you’ll need several healers for war, but for now- I’d stick to Sonya, then do Kiril after.

Yellow: Honestly, I would drop Hu Tao. He’s too slow, and doesn’t hit hard enough, to deserve using unfarmable mats on him to max. Wu Kong is much, much better. He doesn’t hit, but no hero in the game buffs attack as much as Wu does; he’ll be amazing for events, Titans, and completing levels/raids above your pay-grade. Wu for sure.

Purple: Your only options are Rigard, so him lol. He’s actually a really amazing healer/cleanser, so you’ll use him quite a bit. During the Pirate event though, if you do bring him in, just make sure to keep an eye on him. All purple tiles that hit purple enemies will reflect back onto him, meaning he’ll take damage from all of those hits. It’s still doable with a reflect healer, just more difficult. Something to keep in mind.

Once you get those heroes leveled, your defense team could be:

Rigard-Sonya-Boldtusk-Hu Tao-Caedmon

Not ideal, but could work. For defense, you want your tankiest hero in defense/health as your middle hero (the tank), that either hits fast/hard/ails or that supports their flanks so they can do the same. Next to the tank, you want wreak havoc heroes that you definitely want to have charged, so ones that control mana, lower defense, buff, or heal work best. In the wings (far corners), usually you’ll want fast to very fast heroes (preferrably snipers), since they don’t take much to charge, and can snipe out the remaining enemies. The Al moves from left to right, so you’ll want cleanses, dispels, attack buffs, and defense downs on the left.

For Titans, you’ll want to stack as many of the strong color vs the Titan as you can, and filling in the rest with neutrals. Once you have more options, you’ll want to bring in the heroes with the highest attack stats; Titans are all about tile damage. Every Titan fight should also have Wu Kong on your team, and either Kiril or Boldtusk to heal and buff attack. The remaining three spots go to your strongest heroes that are strong or neutral vs that element. Once you get a defense down hero, you’ll want them in on every Titan fight as well. Elemental defense down heroes work well for the element they’re strong against, and Evelyn is currently your only one, so always make sure to bring her in vs blue Titans. An ideal Titan team would look like:

Heal(/& Preferrably Attack Buff) (Boldtusk/Kiril) - Elemental Defense Down (Falcon/Jackal/Evelyn/Arthur/Panther) - Defense Down (Wilbur/Isarnia/Athena/Grimm/Gormek/Tiburtus) - Highest Attack Stat that’s strong vs Titan - Tile Damage Buff (Wu Kong/Tarlak)

Event teams, for now, you’ll just use whatever heroes are your strongest. Eventually, you’ll remove the reflect color, and instead, stack against it. For example, this upcoming event is reflect purple, so you’d remove your purple hero and add in another yellow. You could do more than one yellow too, but I’d suggest only adding one if you’re new to stacking.

You could practice stacking (once your heroes get developed) in raids by stacking vs the tank. To do that, you would remove the color that’s weak against the tank, and bring in two heroes that are strong vs the tank. If you seem to like that strategy, and it works for you, you could take it up a notch and add in another stack, either by tripling the strong color, or stacking another color on top (usually vs a flank).

There’s a lot of other information I know I’m leaving out, but those were all the first to come to mind. If you have anymore questions, or are curious about anything else, always feel free to ask. Also, there are several awesome posts here on the forum too- basically anything there is to know E&P related.

Good luck in the event :blush:


Also, any purple tiles hitting a purple reflecting enemy won’t charge any mana.

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If you’re looking for your best current defense team and thus in my opinion the most important when priority wise in leveling would look like:

Rigard/Hu Tao/Sonya\Boldtusk\Evelyn

Sonya isn’t the ideal tank/center position hero but since she’s the most upgraded and I’m sure the highest defense, that’s what I’d roll with at the moment. She is a great character though and super helpful. One thing that you gotta know secret wise for every titan is that WU KONG IS KING. He is like single handedly one of the best heroes hands down. Definitely start investing when possible. What I would do in terms of priority if leveling the current heroes:

1.Evelyn 2.Sonya 3.Boldtusk (up to 3/60) 4.Rigard (up to 3/60) 5.Wu Kong 6.Kiril 7.Kelile

Evelyn is such a good hero and one that you’ll want long term. Definitely a solid piece. Might as well max out Sonya next since she’s so close. Boldtusk is a great Defense team hero and all around use along with Rigard too. I wouldn’t invest anything more into Hu Tao atm because you’ll want Wu Kong in there over him for almost every purpose. By the time you get to Wu Kong and everything though you’ll most likely be unlocking some clutch new heroes too. Still, Wu Kong = key. I’m the end game, color stacking is hugely important just as a heads up. The highest I’ve been ranked raid wise was 1500 overall and I’ll still use Wu Kong for raiding and titans. Hope this helps a bit.

so how bout if u r not lucky enuf 2 ever pull a 5star… i hav Li Xiu , Colen, Melendor, Kashhrek, Grimm, and Hu Tao all stuck at level 60. &seeing as how i only have 1pair of warm gloves (grrr!) --who shud i ascend?? my other defense team heroes r boldtusk&triton (both maxed!). who should i take to that next level? any suggestions would be greatly appreciated …

Thanks for the info RandaPandah. Unfortunately the whole reason I wanted to complete the challenge event was I was thinking it would give me a compass, I am swimming in gloves but just had the 1 compass. I will give it a shot completing it but if not I guess at least next months one will give me a compass.

I think I will finish leveling up Boldtusk then ascend him, and level up Wukong, I am pretty sure I can get him capped before I get the yellow ascension items. Do Boldtusk and Wu Kong’s buffs stack?

Yes they do stack. Wu Kong stacks with all other attack buffs including Tarlak (however, when both are stacked, normal attack will cap at 160% due to Tarlak’s SS, and Wu will still cause misses, so those two do not work well together).

A good rule of thumb that (usually) works is if the icon is different, it usually stacks. If it’s the same, it won’t stack ever. Example: Kiril and Boldtusk don’t stack (same icon). However, Kiril and Wu, or Boldtusk and Wu, stack; Kiril + BT + Wu doesn’t. However, Khiona’s buff icon is different than Boldtusk’s, but those two don’t stack either. Sometimes, even different icons don’t stack, but that’s usually when they’re extremely similar buffs (in this case, both are attack buffs, just one slightly different than the other).

So basically, unique SS buffs stack (Wu + BT, Khiona + Tarlak), but similar ones don’t stack (Magni + Vivica, BT + Khiona).

I’m sorry to hear this event is a slight disappointment without including a compass (I’m always low on compasses too), but I would still try and see if you can complete it as is. That way, you’ll know for sure if you’ll be ready for next months event (that will have a compass), or about how much stronger you’ll need to be in order to complete it. Plus, you should never pass up an opportunity to get free mats; those are always nice :smirk:

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As much as I like Li Xiu and Grimm as 4* heroes, I would look to ascend Kashrek in all honesty. He’s going to be the best 4* hero tank until you get a better 5* replacement

Look at my most recent comment on this thread, that was meant for you

Actually, I was just looking at the memento for the Pirates of Corellia event and saw intermediate does offer a compass as the completion reward, glove for advanced. I could have sworn the glove replaced the compass [in intermediate] during Pirates, but I might be wrong about that. So don’t give up hope just yet!

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Hey Randa,

Yup it was a compass in intermediate. Went in with double healer and even though kiril and Boldtusk weren’t full leveled they are both tough so it worked out well and cleared it out pretty easily.

Even at 3/40 Boldtusk is already better than Kelile for all roles I am finding (average titan damage is up like 4k and he definitely way better on missions/quests), so I am definitely going ascend him, and Rigard as well now that I have 2 compasses. Then with leveling wu kong to replace hu tao I should have someone of each color to level.

Thanks again for the help.

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Glad it worked out for you :blush:

Hope this team serves you well in the future! Happy you got the compass you so desperately needed; I apologize for the confusion :sweat_smile:

Wu will be even more helpful than BT on titans. You’ll see your score jump at least another 10k, maybe even more. When he’s good he’s amazing. Although, he does have his off-days, so be prepared for that :wink:

wow i feel so special :wink: thanks for the email-&the advice! i nevr relly gave kashhrek a thought-even considered replacing him with the Gandalf i hav almost up2 lvl60. so many options…so few gloves (&capes…&trap tools…&magic orbs…sigh). anyway, thanks again! cya round the forum :slight_smile:

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