Advice on Line-ups

I need advice on how to set up my tournament, raid, war, and quest team. Here’s my roster. Thank you for the trouble! Uploading: 8E498B9A-207F-44F8-9238-AD99DEC37349.png… Uploading: 218CD6D9-9693-40BE-AC03-C343D0120A29.png… Uploading: 8F97402A-16B9-44A5-8668-931F9ABC4071.png… Uploading: 0A3F09BC-0007-4655-9A0F-A399F2167708.png…

Hi @Seerbah

It doesn’t look like your pictures uploaded :see_no_evil:

@zephyr1 @Garanwyn

The OP has successfully uploaded images to a duplicate thread.

This can be closed.


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