Advice on levelling choices and defense team

Just wondering what advice people would have for who to level up next? Have just finished doing Richard + costume and the costume for Little John which I got a little while back. My training grounds and a couple of events went a bit nuts spitting out 5* heroes at me a little while back when I only had a couple and now I’m not sure who to work on.

I was working on 5 at once previously using each different colour as more productive long term but figured I would throw everything into a single hero (doing Richard) as I figured that it gives a full usable character at shorter intervals, even if it used more to level them all once you reach 5 if you get me? Any thoughts on which is better?

Before I moved everything to Richard, I was working on Marjana and Leonidas as none of my levelled 5 stars were snipers but have gotten other potential 4/5* to use since so not sure whether to go back to them or not. Should I focus on strengthening my defense team or are there more useful attack/all round heroes that are better to work on. I’ve seen Boldtusk and Kiril mentioned a bit as good to use plus I have the costume for Boldtusk. I also have Cyprian at 3.60. Is it worth levelling these for defense before I look at any more 5*? With the 5* both Skadi and Thoth Amun look like they could be useful to use and have also seen Justice listed as a good centrepiece for defense. Plus I have Elkanens costume so could also have increased stats.

There are a few other unlevelled up 3/4* not pictures not pictured - Little John, Colen, Hu Tao, Melendor, Ei-Dunn, Gato, Bjorn, Sudri, Kvasir.

Any advice on levelling choices or changes to defense team appreciated (currently Azlar/ Inari/ Richard+c/ Rigard+c/ Quintus+c). Richard has just replaced Sonja once he was levelled up but perhaps it is lacking on the sniper front a bit?

Cheers all

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