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Hi all,

I’ve been playing for a few months now, as well as visiting and reading the forums (this is my first time posting), but I feel I need to get some advice. While Springvale was approaching, I read that a number of players were saving their EHTs for the event’s special characters, so I decided to do the same.

I don’t know if this is normal, but I saved 12 EHTs and ended up with the following over the first six days (I did 2 pulls per day):

2 Sir Roostley

3 Jack O’hare

5 Lady Woolerton

1 Squire Wabbit

1 Chick Jr.

I also ended up with 3 Malosi as bonus draws

So here’s where I need help. These seem to be a lot of good characters. I have one Roostley at 2/60 and one Malosi at 2/37, so I’m trying, but it will likely be a long, long time before I can ever even get these two leveled just to 3/70, much less any of the others. Plus, I’m still working on my main team of Isarnia (3/68), Telly (3/29), Quintus (3/33), Joon (3/28), and Elena (3/31).

I feel this is a good problem to have, but am wondering should I keep all the duplicates, keep some of them, or feed them to themselves (hero cannibalism)?

Thanks in advance for any advice y’all.


Dang! That is outstanding for only 12 pulls! I did 7 during the event and only got 1 Jack O’hare, and 1 Chick Jr. I am probably not the best person to answer this as I hoard most of my 4*'s and all my 5*'s. I used to feed all 3*'s to other heroes, but now I am saving them again because of the raid tourneys. There is nothing wrong with having dupes, especially since you can only use one hero per attack during wars. Rumer on the street is there will be another event coming up that will allow you to use each hero one time only as well, so if you like certain heroes (Lady Woolerton for example) it would be a good idea to have a couple fully leveled.

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Thank you Bobjohnson, it was completely shocking while it was happening. I’d gotten used to pulling mostly 3*, then that happened, now it’s back to 3*. I’ve done a few pulls during Atlantis, and have received 3 Berdens :grin:.

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Welcome. I’d keep all you have right now. Nice pulls by the way. Its cheaper to buy rosta space then hero’s especially the bunny’s that come out once a year.


Thank you, I think y’all are right and I’ll just keep them. Might feed them at some point, but maybe not for at least until after the next Springvale (see what I can pull then).

Congrats on those pulls!! I’m sure that made some teammates and forum readers envious. Lol.

You seem to be working on several 5s at the moment… what’s your 4 depth look like?

To answer your original question… keep all 5s… I’d keep 2 of lady wool… (maxing my one and only now) and one of the others. I don’t see a need for dupe jacks. :woman_shrugging: Maybe someone else can weigh in on this.

Glad to see you active on the forum now :slight_smile:


Thank you :grin:, I really appreciate the advice.

Yeah, it was an amazing set of pulls; I’ll likely never see anything like that again. I’ve been pulling in Valhalla, I did get another Mist, but keep pulling Valen and Berden, I think those are my go to pull heroes (but they are useful for leveling 4* and 5*).

Right now, I have 35 4*. I’ve got Sonya at 4/46, Sabina at 4/26, Cheshire Cat at 3/60, Mist at 3/60, Agwe at 3/41, and a Lady Woo at 2/42 (she’s my focus at the moment). The rest are a variety at different levels.


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So I just figured out how to add pictures, they’re kind of out of order, but here’s who I have at the moment.

I tired to keep three 3* of each color for tournaments and events, but generally feed the rest.

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Even though it is very tempting (and I did the same mistake as well), I can advise you to focus on your 3* and 4* for now and get back to your 5* later. 5s are just terribly ressource consuming and early in the game you just gain a lot less ressources per day. Feeding 10 heroes for 100k food to a 5 can be very painful when your farms are not maxed out and you raid below platinum. So leveling them early in the game takes even longer. In the same time you could ascend several 4*s that will be much more benefitial to you in wars, tournament and events…

About which ones to keep, I think everything has being said already… Don’t feed 5*s and 5 woolertons are maybe 2-3 to much.


Thank you, that helps. I have shifted lately to the 4*. My 3* have been doing well but most of the 5s haven’t changed much in a bit. I started looking at 4 more after a raid in Gold in which I ran into a pretty well stacked group of 4* that handed my posterior to me on a platter; the final was 5-0 and I actually started with a good board.

But I definitely see what you’re saying about the resources, and I have noticed that getting a 5* from 2/1 to 3/1 takes a lot of time and resources, which leads me to focus more elsewhere.


Yes, maxed out 4* heroes are usually more useful than a 5* on 3-70 (even though the power stat seems lower). Especially when you emblem them. Good you already decided to focus on 4* :slight_smile:

And a sidenote about resources for 5*: The last tier of 5* will cost you almost as much feeders as the first three tiers combined…


It takes about the same amount of resources to get a 5* from 4/1 to 4/80 as it does to get it from 1/1 to 3/70, and in the same time you can take a 4* from 1/1 to 4/70. So you can roughly do two 4* for every 5*. Once you have a good depth in 4s you can start back with the 5s.

Definitely keep 1 or 2 Woolertons – she is the only 4* yellow healer (though one is coming in S3 later). You can decide later whether you max the second one. Chick and Squire Wabbit are solid for the 3* tournaments. I would agree that 1 Jack O’Hare is enough. Probably one Roostley as well, but I’d save the second for a while in case the Hero Academy turns out to be friendly toward trading in dupe 5s. (As this feature hasn’t been released, no one really knows what it will be like…) And Malosi should be on your short list for yellow 5s to max when the time comes.


Wow. Not being anywhere close to that I didn’t realize that many resources were required on the 5s. Now I understand some of the frustration people have expressed when a new 5 hero gets released and two days later you’re facing one fully leveled and ascended with 20 emblems.

So yep, I’ll focus on the 4*s and maybe dump a Woo or two.

Good advice, thank you.


I’d go ahead and get those 5* heroes to 3/70 or 4*s 3/60… do a rainbow set at a time.

Maxable 4s to prioritize (imo) Caedmon, mist, lady wool, bold, wilbur, grimm, wu, Scarlett, SonyaC.

Other 4s that would trump 5s (for now) especially with costume… rigard, Mel, tiburtus, Kiril… falcon, jackal… trying to thinking others… Hansel… maybe gretel.


So would you focus on those maxable 4s, or the 5s first? I want to get them all as high as possible, but it’s going to take a lot of time and resources, so I’m trying to be as smart as possible about it (which is why I decided I’d better ask :grin:).

Hmm that’s a good question.

Round 1
Green: telluria
Blue: Sonya
Purple: sabina
Yellow: Wu
Red: JF

Round 2
Green: Caedmon
Blue: grimm
Purple: quintus
Yellow: joon
Red: wilbur

Round 3
Green: Byrnhild
Blue: sonyaC
Purple: ??
Yellow: justice
Red: boldtusk

That’s just a rough idea of what I might do… see what some other people say. :slight_smile:


Those are some pretty good mixes that I probably never would have thought of (I’m still learning how to build effective teams). Maybe Cheshire Cat for the third Purple?

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Oh those aren’t teams I was talking about… just kind of the order that I’d level them, if you rainbow feed.

If you just want to level one at a time, I’d pick the one closest to the top of the tier and work your way down from there.

And the 5s that I mentioned are only to 3/70. Not maxed.

Cheshire is a fun hero to have. I’d hope for rigard and tiburtus first.

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I’m sorry I misunderstood, totally my bad, but I get ya now, so all good :grin:.

I mentioned Cheshire because I have her at 3/60, but don’t have Rigard or Tiburtus at all.

And I totally understand about the 5*s to 3/70, especially after the earlier comments about the sheer amount of resources needed to get from 3/70 to 4/80. I’d probably have to sell the kids to get there, and I don’t think that would go over well :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:.

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