Advice on everything I'm at a lost now

I am a c2p very c2p but have been f2p for a month or so now. I need help I was once maintaining 2400 trophies very regularly but now i can barely stay above 2000 I dont know who to lvl up anymore my Vela has been nerfed and honestly I can feel the difference I need help in all aspects please be positive but give all criticisms they will be accepted well I appreciate your time oh and yes I have been very lucky pulling 5 star heros and hotm I have never hero chased and I have never done a 10 pull I average maybe 4 or 5 pulls a month if that

Ursena, Kingston, Vela and JF are cornerstones of MANY top teams - focus on those (with Ursena as your tank) and once they are fully ascended, with almost any 5th (Sartana or Kadilen can hold their own for a time) and you’ll be fine

That said, if you don’t have the mats to 4/80 ascend your five stars you should be working on 4*s. Don’t worry about cups so much as team depth.


My emblems and materials

Please don’t let your frustrations discourage you! You’ve got a lot of great heroes to help you move along. Just be patient and know we’re all readjusting to the changes in the game.

Cabin boy is worth the max… but Caedmon and mel’s Costume first.
Get sartana to 3/70
I’d max Rigard #2 and tibs’ costume before taking sartana up. (I don’t have Merlin… and don’t know his card… sorry :pensive:)
Finish chao… then work on li.

I’m thinking Kiril, Kingston, ursena, chao, JF might make a decent defense. :woman_shrugging: … that’s not my forte so wait for others to chime in on that.


Thank you so much quick question who is cabin boy thanks again

Cabin boy peters.


Why do I call him cabin boy? :thinking::rofl:

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I would love to know why?

Never seen that ever lol thank you for opening my eyes

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Thanks again… 1+2=3 lol needed 20 characters

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Honestly very fun to play with during raids and even trials similar to Hansel. You can hit them with special and unleash tiles. That being said I do agree with 2nd Rigard over Merlin…he doesn’t participate in wars lol


With such nice roster u can easily stay at 2400 trophies.

After u maxed below hero, try this setup:

(Any healer) -Jf-Ursena-Vela-kingston

Any healer is temporary hero, after u find good yellow sniper, u can place it there

No problem! Happy to help :slight_smile:

… and I totally get the 20 characters. :roll_eyes: usually don’t have that problem. :rofl:

Thanks for adding this piece!

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