Advice on blue 5*

I was going to save everything for the possible release of Gravemaker, but since I’m perpetually short of good blues and there were two good 5* in the last Atlantis summon I did a few pulls…

… and ended up with Misandra. And I’m trying to decide if she’s worth a serious investment.


Misandra is my second blue 5*. Richard is my first; he’s fully ascended and slowly pushing towards 80. I’m pretty underwhelmed so far, but Grimm and Sonya are getting a few days off and I’m sure they appreciate it.

Material-wise, I’m sitting on 11 scopes and 11 capes. No problems there. I only have 5 gloves, which is slightly worrisome, but I’m not out.

Other heroes of note

Onatel 4/80
Azlar 4/80
Lianna 4/80 +3
Vivica 4/80
Sartana 4/80
Aeron 4/48
Richard 4/63 as mentioned

Grimm 4/70 +9
Sonya 4/70 +7
Triton 4/70
Kiril 4/70
Boril 4/70

Agwe 1/11

The question at hand

I feel really short on blues and disproportionately challenged by red tanks in raids/war. Misandra is blue, but I don’t get the sense she’s particularly lauded and I’m not sure how well she would fit in to any team I might build, even when compared to some (theoretically) easier-to-obtain heroes like Magni or Isarnia.

What are some overall impressions of people running Misandra?

Would she compliment my other options or just fill a spot?

Would you, in my position, ascend her given the ridiculous number of scopes I have or continue to hold out for something better?

Misandra has the chance to deal a lot of damage with her special skill if all her additional 3 minor damage hits activate. On average, it is more likely that at least one will activate, sometimes two might, and rarely all three. Being fast somewhat mitigates this problem for her. Even if 1 hit activates though it can be helpful for at least the mana gain.

On the other hand, her damage is pretty poor if none of them activate. I don’t have her but I’ve fought her on raids where she activates her special 5 times, with none of the extra hits, and all my heroes are still standing. But then there are other raids where she destroys one of my heroes with one activation of her skill.

I recommend to take a look at this topic by Gryphonknight on Misandra’s Chain Strike, and then decide from there whether you want to ascend her or not:

On average, she will deal more damage than Richard though; just once in a while she’ll deal less damage than he would.

With 11 scopes and Frostmarch around the corner, she’s a decent choice to ascend imo.


She’s good enough to spend mats on. Much better than Richard who you’ve already spent mats on, and since you’re lacking another blue 5* and you basically have the mats for two more 5* blue I’m actually really confused why you’re asking this question with so many words.


I’m a big fan of Misandra. Her mana boost is underrated - it helps every other hero. Often she’ll fire and then Grimm and Kiril and Frida will power up in the same turn due to her buff.

She’s on my defence and I’m in high diamond. Only Ariel would be a more desirable blue, I think.


@Halifax hey, since you are a big fan of misandra, is it normal to her to attack an opponent in just one SS to hit twice her opponent, like i have only 2 opponent left in the board hu tao and caedmon, she hit hu tao first then caedmon then back to hu tao again. And there was this one time she hits all (5) her opponent at the same time. Just wondering if those are her special skill. Thank you in advance.

After her first hit, she’s got a 42% chance to hit any opponent again for half damage (this can be the same enemy as her first hit or another); if she does this 2nd strike; then once again she has a 42% chance to do it again; and if she does; she has one more chance again at the same odds.

Her hits are 100% / 42% / 42% / 42%

The maximum times she can hit in a single strike is 4.

It’s not often she does this, but I have seen it. Multiple strikes happen just under half the time. 3 hits about 20 percent of the time and all 4 hits probably somewhere around 8-10 percent of the time.

In addition to her damage, each hit boosts ALL heroes mana. When she hits all 4 times, the mana boost is significant. Even 2 hits is enough to equal close to a tile, if not more.

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Thank you so much for this insight. Now i know which one to ascend.

I want to eventually level a 2nd one and see what two do in a blue mono stack

I am planning that too, I have isarnia, athena, and misandra. But telescope happens to be super rare in my case. :sob::sob::sob:

I have Misandra on my defense team, far left…that way if her special fires, it may be just that little mana boost she gives the others so that they can fire, too.

I really like her, enough that she is maxed and has some emblems applied…which also gives her the chance to revive. I stay in diamond arena with her on my team.

Same. My first set went to Misandra; then I had my 6th come up just in time for Frida’s level 3-70 after I’d pulled her; and then my most recent set went to Aegir. I’ve been playing for 14 months and that’s what I’ve got. I’m now at 1 scope and zero Damascus Blades. Anzogh likely gets my next blade (my red team is my weakest atm); so I’m months away from another blue.

A lot of high level folks using misandra on defense but i don’t really think she is scary enough and can be ignored to be the last meal to be taken down.

But rarely sometimes she makes good several hits such as in this video

Overall personally on defense she isn’t really great but on offense she might be useful because of her mana boost to random allies


She’s gamblers choice like Danza, Inari, Marge and other heroes having a chance of doing well or bad.

Just working on her to complete my first legendary rainbow defense.

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Your team looks like mine did when I ran Inari. I found I didn’t have enough hitters though. I removed inari and added Misandra and results improved


I kind of agree - when I’m on offence I don’t worry about her like I do Kage or Gravy or Alby or North. But for me, I don’t have a better blue option other than Aegir as tank but my alliance is still running red.

Frida is my other leveled option but she’s not a step up. I tried hard but failed to get Ariel and don’t have Alasie.

As a result, I hope she’s not worried about, gets to fire and hits a couple enemies or more and makes Drake or Liana fire faster, or Ares or North to heal quicker.

I run in high diamond based on my hitters but I lack almost all the top 5/6 defenders

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A token impressed me with Joon last week. Maybe he can replace her someday…


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