Advice on best defense team

Hey guys here are my heroes. What do you think would be the best defense team i can possibly arrange?

Thank you in advance :muscle:t4:

I would be tempted to run ;

Marjana,Frida,Guin,Hel, Morgan

You have some great heroes, you could also do;

Marjana, Panther, Guin, Ursena, Morgan

Nice heroes but your defense is handicapped. Only Guin and Hel on tier4. Finish these 2.

4* take half the time and mats to max.
Ask later because your defense will be easy wins for even a 3* team.
Suggest you work/finish below. Try getting the heroes in italics
Ranvir at 3/70 will still be useful for titans so you don’t need to bother with Wu.

Not sure if you’re in an alliance but if you are, just stick to clean up duty.

Hansel Caedmon
Nashgar Wilbur Falcon BT Ares
Valen Grimm Kiril Triton
Tibs Rigard Proteus Merlin
Ranvir Bane Jackal

Hel Ursl Guin Boss Panther

:anguished: :sunglasses: :pray:t4:

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