Advice on ascension needed

So, I got mats to ascend one of green, red and yellow:

I’m thinking Melendor, Gretel and Scarlet:

Wu is 8/8 and I can keep him alive vs titans. Got Tibur for the defense debuff and Scarlet is for titan attack debuff.

At the same time thise 3 will be good at raids aswell.

Am I doing it right?

Can you also keep him alive on events?
What if you start fighting stronger titans?

Id say Wu Kong, Tiburtus and Gormek to have better titan teams, I’ve ascended my scarlet to 4.70 in my “pre-Gormek” age and now I find her too fragile and the -ATK special is better on axes as you can throw the axes (5 targets) when you want but she have to be at full mana to fire his special (3 targets).

But sure she have a great tile damage.

You are right about the axes.

On events I think I can manage considering I was so close on finishing last event on Legendary without having access to time stop or dragon attack.

I can see having Gretel ascended because she has great tile damage and awesome skill, and can be used in raids/wars where as Wu is a more of hit and miss kind of hero. IMHO(!)

Gormek… I like him best, actually.

Gretel or Wu, ■■■■ :slight_smile:

Wu before Gretel. He will nearly double your damage against titans. He’s also pretty useful on maps, quests, or raids, 'tho he is pretty squishy, even maxed. Especially for raids where you can’t use mana pots. (If he is surviving against titans now, you aren’t fighting big enough titans :rofl: And it is worth preparing for that.)

If he really is surviving, Gretel has real potential for mana control. I’ve only started to level mine up, and while I believe Hansel is noticably better than she is, she’s probably going to be worth it too. BUT … she will be your third yellow. Del and Wu are SOOOOO useful that you won’t want to leave them behind very often!

I’d suggest Caedmon over Melendor 'cuz Delilah is such awesome healer, and a hitter/debuf lets you go out with three hitters, Del, and Wu.

Eventually Melendor too, though.

Scarlett before Gormek – She’s a glass cannon and needs all the HP she can get, and you already have one of the ramming pulverizer triplets ascended.

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I don’t have Gretel but Ive got almost all the normal 4*. I can tell you from experience that Wu is the game changer and the most versatile 4* so I’d highly recommend taking him to 4.70. I’d also ascend Scarlett over Gormek unless you’re in need of a tank. She’ll be useless against 6* and higher titans unless she’s ascended and her tile damage is insane. Gormek is still beefy at 3.60 so I use him against 7 and 8* titans all the time even at 3.60 and he stays alive. Same goes for events. Just my opinion of course

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I agree 100% and this is essentially the same way I did it. Except I have Joon as my 1st yellow not Delilah.

I just recently got Gormek so he will be waiting but I have Grimm maxed and tibs just about Maxed.

Gretal is going to 60 now and will be my next Yellow to get the nod.

Wu is 100% worth is and when I go mine I dropped everything to level him. He has helped so much on titans and the last 2 events that I am glad I did that.

Let me elaborate.

Wu is a must have hero and I have to have him present for every titan.
Because I have only Delilah as a healer, I need to get Melendor first. For every color except purple, having both Del and Wu is detrimental.

Melendor = must ascend. That’s one.

Because now I would have another healer I can use Wu and Del/Mel at any color titan.

Raids offense:

I rarely find Purple tanks, as opposed to Blue/Red. Wu as offense hero = no, no

Wu and Gretel have great attack (707, 703), which means that vs purple tanks I’m better off with them, rather than Del+Wu (while having Mel). That’s two.

Gretel has amazing skill for both bosses and players. That’s three.

So why ascend Wu? (I can always use him as 3^60 the next fee months)

To save slots on revive scrolls :stuck_out_tongue:

If you don’t double yellows and only have Delilah as healer (for now) then I don’t think you’ll leave Delilah home for Melendor + Gretel, or you’ll bring double healer or you’ll let only Delilah on your attacking team as she is a good healer.

This could change if you actually want to bring double yellow…

I’d ascend Wu, Gormek, and Melendor. Wu is essential vs. titans, vastly increasing your damage in any color. Gormek is better than Scarlett imo because ramming pulverizer is an amazing ability - dealing a lot of damage to three targets and increasing all subsequent damage significantly.

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Gretel is crying over there, left for a mad monkey, Gormek has even bigger belly and Melandor is feeling it’s coming.

Thanks guys!


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