Advice on 4* purples


I have Rigard, Cyprian, Sabina, and Tiburtus. Which would you fully ascend to level 4? I also have Melendor (= Sabina) and Gormek (= Tiburtus), so I’m thinking either Rigard or Cyprian since they are unique for me (although Boril is like Cyprian and maybe I’ll get him someday).



gormeks attack stat is much lower that tibs. he is good vs titans raids all over.


It all depends on who you want to surround them with. I personally have Tibby and Rigard fully leveled for my 4* team. If you’re planning on using melendor then I’d choose Tiburtus over rigard since 2 healers isn’t ideal for all aspects (titan and challenge event). Rigard was very helpful in raids for me until I replaced him with Vivica. I like Borils stats better than cyprian…he has a better survivability. I have him as well but use Grimm more often. When I first started I couldn’t wait to level and used people that I wish I would have kept. Doubling up on colors can be helpful so if you do pick one my best advice is to not discard the others. It’s good to have options especially in the challenge event


Tiburtus by elimination. Cyprian is not good, Boril can work as tank as he has super high defense. Sabina is no point if you have Melendor. Rigard is cool, but if you aren’t going to replace Melendor with him 2 healers is too much in almost any situation. You need more damage. Shame you don’t have Sartana.


Tiburtus given you have Melandor or else I would have said Sabina.