Advice on 3* Mono Green Team

I’m wondering which combination of 5 heroes to keep if I wanted a 3* mono green team for challenge events. I currently have:

5 Berdens (1 already maxed)
2 Beliths (1 already maxed)
2 Carvers
1 Mnesseus

Should I work with what I have or maybe save a spot for a new hero like Brienne?

Brienne is a must have, she will improve your attack greatly. Add Belith for healing and 3 fast hitter (Berden/Mnesseus/Hissan [best 3* green sniper but only appear during summer event]).

Brienne Berden Belith Mnesseus are all good.

I personally despise Carver. I’d take a second Berden or Belith.

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