Advice Needed!

c2p player here. I’m building my 3rd rainbow team for war offense (since it takes forever to wait for 4* mats), and when completed in the foreseeable future it will consist of:

Drake Fong 3/70, Isarnia 3/70, Kashhrek 4/70, a red hero, Gafar 4/70

Question: Should I pick Azlar 3/70 or Boldtusk 4/70?

Since it’s war offense I was going to pick Azlar for its higher tile damage and special, and I get to save BT for a 4th rainbow team, but that will give only 1 healer.

Picking BT means 2 healers but weaker tile damage and my 4th team probably won’t have a 4* healer…

Any thoughts appreciated.

Also are there atk def hp stats for Azlar 3/70?


4/70 boldtusk better than 3/70 azlar.

Color stacking is more effective than rainbow teams in war attacks.

Once Boldtusk fire his special your tile damage will be better and Azlar being a slow dps is “more punished” by heal / arrow / attack boost. A 3.70 Azlar isn’t that great…

Ok Boldtusk it is then! Thanks everyone!

BT heals and increases damage for all heroes in the team, he is very useful both in war, raids and titan.

You could also consider trying stacking (taking several heroes of the same color) for war offense instead of fixed rainbow team. You could vary attack team setup based on the color and specials of the defence team.