Advice needed


My current raid defense party is Fong, Aeron, Grave, Delilia, Alasie. I’m one ring from raising Marjana to 4th ascension. I’m one tabard from raising Khiona to 4th ascension. I currently don’t have any 5* greens worth mentioning (Groot x2 is it).

When I max out Marjana and Khiona, which 5 should I use for raid defense?


I agree with ascending both Marjana and Khiona. Both are very solid heroes.

I really like Khiona on defense. Each tile hit bumps up her attack bonus, so she can very quickly get to nosebleed bonus levels. I’d try her out in Delilah’s spot, or possibly rearrange the stack entirely:

Alasie | Khiona | Delilah | Aeron | Gravemaker

to flank a yellow tank with two purples.


Thank you for the advice. That is similar to what I was considering.


The great thing about setting up a raid defense is that you can tell in about 24 hours whether you’ve made things better or worse…


I’ll play around with different combinations for sure.