Advice needed: which elemental summon for a 4* all-team healer?

I’ve been playing E&P for almost a year now, and have collected some nice 4* heroes. However, my teams still lack a decent healer and I’m beginning to notice the disadvantages of that when raiding or doing rare quests.

So, I’m looking for a 4* healer that heals all of my team. The only 4* healer I have now is Kashhrek, and although he does his healing quite well, he only heals a maximum of three heroes.

My idea is to do a dark (purple) elemental summon, since I think that one has a slightly higher chance of getting a 4* healer (i.e., Rigard or Sabina). All other elemental summons only have one 4* healer that heals a whole team if I’m not mistaken (Melendor, Boldtusk, Kiril).

Does my idea for a dark elemental summon make sense? Or am I missing something? Feedback appreciated!

Yes and consider Rigard is the only 4* that cures your team from bad status.
Besides only Sabina rigard and Mel heal 42% hp, the other less than 30%

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As well, try to make a push to get to training camp 20. Run it for a while and you should do well for 4* healers. The community tracked the odds to be close to 5% - 5*, 20%-4*, 75%-3*. This will also allow you to collect more quality heroes for playing the alliance wars too!


Good plan.

Boldtusk & Kiril give bonuses but are weaker healers.

Rigard is more defensive; he removes status ailments.
Melendor & Sabina are more offensive, removing buffs from your opponents. They also have better attack compared to def & hp vs. Rigard.

I think if you do a dark elemental summon when the HotM is also dark, you get a shot at pulling him with each draw too, and while Aeron is relatively weak as a 5* healer, he seems decent compared to 4* healers, which you are lacking, improving your odds.

FYI, I can confirm how useful healing power is when raiding, or especially questing. I’m not very far along in the game and have limited 4*s, (Team Power ~3k)…but I’m blessed with many good healers. Using Kiril and Deliliah, I finished Farholme Pass 5 first attempt without using any items…everybody was at max hit points with a couple guardians, effectively over max when I got to the boss level!

That’s actually pretty typical with this team, 'tho I sometimes need a mana potion to fire off one healer if the first round of monsters is concentrating their damage in one place, nearly killing somebody.


Although it’s OT: It doesn’t matter which colour the HOTM has. He can be summoned as bonus summon with every epic, elemental and event summon. Even if he was red he can be summoned with the same chance when trying to get a good purple hero.

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Personally i try for Kiril.
He cure less, but that defence status is really useful.

Thank you all for replying! I have given it a few tries in the dark elemental summon, no luck so far. I don’t have enough gems for a 10x pull so I did a few single pulls, which gave me a spare Tiburtus and some 3*'s like Oberon, Prisca and Tyrum. No Aeron either, alas… I’ll keep trying.

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