Advice needed pls

I have one training camp at level 20 but still on research
Now can u pls help in preparation pls.
What level of ham do i need to reach n also the ham storage cause my ham maker at level 14 all n my storage is 2 for 12 n 2for 13 level.
Next my training camp is all 11level n also my iron is all level 15 n storage is a game so 15. Can u pls help what level do i need to teach for minimum of 1 tc20 thanks

to research legendary heroes yo will need 1313k of ham, to produce you will need 297k of ham, 100 recruits and a one sharpener

Im doing research now just waiting to finish research. So i need to prepare 297k of ham, 100 recruit n a sharpener. So this is for every 1 tc20
So if i go for 4 tc20 so will will be x4 rite

Yes. This is a good way to store extra hams too

I would seriously not recommend that strategy. Running two camps at 20 is just barely sustainable.

You need feeder heroes to level up your heroes. Do you have none worth leveling today? If not, then just keep two camps running at 11 and don’t collect the heroes. Then when you finally draw a good hero from TC20, you pull out batches of feeder heroes from TC11 and bring your new hero to max quickly. That’s how Zero was able to have a maxed Red Hood on his team the same weekend she was released.


Thank u very much thats the best advice yur the best

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