Advice needed please

Hi all,

I’m really hoping for some advice, someone has reached out to me and offered me money for my account.

  1. Seems dodgy
  2. I don’t want to sell my account.
  3. Is this even legal and if so how would it work?
    Any advice would be appreciated.

Cheers, Buzrig

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In the game menu, Support → Account Safety → Buying and Selling Accounts


Even if this is legal, How does that even work if that person’s doing it backhandedly? You’ll need to charge accordingly to your roster, how many premium 5* heroes you’ve gotten and have ascended. And how many 4* AMs you have. So many factors are in consideration. That person’s gonna pay up most tens and thousands just for your account. Not worth it for him.
And if he asked for anything lower, not worth it for you

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Oh my :scream::exploding_head:!

Submit a support ticket buddy. Some people are beyond belief😓


@Meh5771 @Tidyup @Sarah2
Thanks for your advice :smiley:

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