Advice needed, please weigh in

Hello all! I’ve been lucky enough to acquire three 5-star Holy heroes. Joon, Vivica, and Delilah. I have the materials to fully ascend just one of them. I’m pretty sure that one of the healers is the way to go, but which is better? Delilah or Vivica?

I like Delilah over Vivica, though both are great options. Joon is also amazing, but I agree that getting one 5* healer up first and working on him second is a good choice.

Joon is best. You can use 4* healers effectively without needing delilah or Viv.


Thanks y’all. And Orf, I am tempted to ascend Joon. His special attack is extremely useful, but my game is very nearly to the point where I’ll be fielding all 5 star heroes, and I think a 5-star healer might be the best move to replace Boldtusk on my A-team. Tough choice, but a good problem to have…

A good team is built to hit the vulnerabilities of the opponent. It’s unwise to dismiss 4* heroes just because they are 4* and you have 5*. A Jackal/Joon one two punch is a great tool for annihilating defenders in a raid for example.
My own take, which I’m working through currently, would be Joon first, then Delilah. Take down foes faster and you need less healing, and Delilah is a faster healer with minions which are more effective in alliance wars than Vivica, even if her healing isn’t as powerful as the Omniheal. I don’t actually have Vivica yet, bit she would be about 4th on my current list to raise even if I got her today. That’s based on the other heroes I already have though. YMMV.

I don’t use healers for attacking. I’ll field boldtusk for his plus to dmg but otherwise the objective is to take the other team down hard and fast.

Points taken. Good points. Yeah, different toons for different applications. I do run with 4s regularly over 5s in titan raids, for example. To exploit colors, or use a Tiburtus/Boldtusk combo to decrease defense and increase offense. I guess I’ve been focused on the best default PvP raid team that I can form. My vision was always for a full 5* team, one of each color, good balance of offense and defense and healing. You guys have me thinking seriously about Joon now over Delilah. Hmmm. I suppose as I max out, I’m going to want to switch up my teams depending on the foe. More than I do now. I already have a fully ascended Magni. Joon and Magni do make a good one-two punch… I wish I could do both Joon and Delilah. Lol. Good problem to have…

Thanks guys!

I have all 3 of these yellow heroes (in fact, except for Thorne) I have all non-Hotm/event 5* and 4* heroes (including many HOTM and event heroes too).

My advice (without getting into your entire lineup) would be Joon. I have Viv at 3’70 and she is very effective at that level. I am about to bring Delilah to 3rd ascension today. But I focused on Joon and he is fully ascended. Very happy I did that too!

Joon is awesome on Titans and Offense in general and very good on defense. The other 2 heroes aren’t as versatile obviously. I have fully ascended Sartana, Magni and Marjana…all fast mana, heavy hitters…Joon is another amazing hero in this regard.

I also have a pile of great 4* healers. Boldtusk, Kiril, Rigard, Melendor, Kashhrek. I run mostly 5* teams but I almost always have a 4* healer in the mix against my foes (I am 3900 team power).

So, don’t discount Boldtusk and the like as viable healers against higher level opponents.

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You guys are convincing me. Joon is the hero that is totally ready to go. Just need to pull the trigger. Delilah still has a bit of levelling to do.

I guess the reason I’m considering a healer is that I have Maxed Magni, Sartana and the tools to max her, and also Liana in the works (why, oh why did I waste those Tonics on Elkanen?). I thought maybe I had enough heavy hitters in the works. Can’t really have enough heavy hitters though, huh?

But it seems that the experienced players are saying Joon! Joon! Joon!

Hard call all around. All tree are fantastic. I had Vivica first and have gotten use to using her. She is almost all of my teams. Delilah is really cool and I am warming up to her. Joon is a great attacker (duh).

The minions don’t do any appreciable damage in high level raiding. They are most useful as extra hit points.

But when farming 8-7 or 23-9, she really shotens the time you are playing at her current level

So, if you need help in AW, Delila. Titan and trophy raiding Vivica. Trophy raiding Joon, if you need another striker.

If it was me, I would go with Vivica. Not as “cool”, but I feel more useful. But there are no bad choices here.

FYI, I have one 4^ Delila and 3 Vivicas. No Joon

If you are still building your team and your alliance, then the things you should be focusing on are increasing titan damage, monthly event and rare quest completion. Joon is the best overall for all of that. I would do Joon first.

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I’ve been seeing shakur wrecking top teams in raids with mostly 4* colour stacking. 4* are overlooked just because they don’t have the 5* elite status…but they’re just as viable. Overall 5* are stronger but their skills are more specific while 4* skills can help an entire team more so. Mix and match as you need :smiley:
Joon ftw. Once he’s done the other two are great too


$.02 on Deliliah. I’ve got a 4* team except her, and she’s at 3/25 right now. She rocks my world, 'tho I’ve never used Viv, and don’t have Joon either.

I’m guessing that a Deliliah 3/70 would be better than a 4*/70 healer for you if you give the full set of ascension items to Joon.

If you haven’t seen this, then it will likely aid in your decision making:

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Joon gets the first set of darts. Raise the others to 3^70 if you have the orbs.

Delilah is very nice for alliance wars, but Joon would be useful for everything. He can also decrease accuracy on his targets so you won’t need as much healing

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Thanks everyone for the input!

And thanks bluenoser for pointing me to that awesome spreadsheet! I’m so glad I posted here.

Verdict: Joon will be ascending