Advice needed for early game team build


Looking for advice, currently just got TC10, team power still below 2000, I’ve been told it’s a better option to have a 3* team until you can farm advanced ascension materials. What would you do? My only viable purple is Rigard, but my 2 reds are also healers. Should I focus on Brienne/Bane/Gato/hawkmoon and wait to be lucky enough to draw an offensive purple (could take days, weeks?) or build something with 1 or 2 of my 4-5 stars? Thanks!


You have some GREAT heroes for an early player: (Wu Kong, Rigard, BT, Cademon, and Tarlak)

At this stage of your game, though, you won’t have the materials to really build them up.

Your 3* group is also very solid, minus a Purple. I’d build Bane, Gato, Brienne, Hawkmoon, and Belith to full development and have your eyes out for a good 3* Purple (Balthazar, Tyrum, etc).


I totally agree with Isaac, it’s better have 5 héroes of 3* full instead of 4* half, and it is faster and cheaper.
Then you Will have a great team for war


I disagree wholeheartedly. 3^60 4* heroes are stronger than max 3* heroes hands down and have immensely better special moves. Even 2^60 5* are stronger than 3* and both can be achieved with 100% farmable mats. The only drawback is not being able to compete in the bottom (rare) tier of events as it is limited to 3 stars but in my opinion it isn’t worth the world energy for so.e arrows, healing pot, silver summons and a flask. Level your higher heroes, you can always come back to your 3* later. I have 20 total heroes that are high level or fully leveled, 1 - 5*, 10 - 4*, 6 - 3*, 4 - 2* and I do awesome in raids (2200 cups), events (I always finish both Epic and Legendary, that’s where you get the good rewards), Alliance Wars and Titans (I am consistently in the top ten on 8 and 9 star Titans despite my lack of Wu Kong). I have been playing since March.

Hope I’ve been helpful.


I’m with TylerDirtyn on this one. For the same amount of feaders for fully leveling a 3* you can take a 4* to 3.20. A 4* at 3.20 will have appr. 200 higher total stats then a fully leveled 3*.

So I would also do 4* before 3*.


I agree with @TylerDirtin,
Work on your 4* and 5*. Use your world energy and battle mats to get through season 1 maps. You only have to beat a level once to be able to farm it with loot tickets. That tactic combined with Islinham 8/7 will get you the farmable material you need. Rare Quests will bring the high level mats and they are tough to beat with 3*s.
Most of all have fun. This game is set up for the long term player.


As you can see the response varies between building a solid set of 3* first and getting straight onto your 4* levelling.

The main reasons for the 3* are the rare quests (rewards are not great) and depth for Alliance Wars (this is important).

You are very lucky to have such great heroes at an early stage so my advice is to build the best team that you can now. It will help with working your way through S1 map and serve you better for raids.

So that means a mix of your 3* and 4*.

You’ve already got Bane and Caedmon underway. They are both excellent heroes that you will use for a long time. So Holy and Nature are sorted.

Boldtusk is not only a decent healer, but a very good tank. I think he is your red.

For Ice and Dark, I suggest Gato and Rigard. That means you have two healers, but that can help on tough levels and on raid defence.

That’s a very good team that will serve you well for a while. Three fast hitters. A healer with attack buff and a healer that dispels ailments.

So a team that looks something like Gato, Caedmon, BT, Bane, Rigard (play with the order)

By the way, you can’t go wrong levelling Brienne and Belith. They are both excellent 3* that you will use in AW, Titans, events etc. They are not your first priority though

Once you have the above heroes levelled, I’d get working on Tarlek, even at 2/60 he will improve your hits on titans dramatically

Good luck!


Thank you all for you answers! It helps big time


do not level your 3s while you have good 4s in that color; like TD mentioned above 3/60 4s are better than max 3s. Between Caed, BT, and Rigard you have a big healer, a lesser healer, dispel, cleanse, and attack buff. Round it out with Bane and Gato. So +1 what Fish said.


I’m pretty sure that’s a Hou and not Wu. I think they are cousins. :joy:

Agree on the mix of 3 and 4. Those rare quests will be very important and 4’s will help you finish those.


I agree, but I don’t think that’s Wu Kong.


Ha! You’re right. That’s what I get for a quick look.


I’d bring Bane, Gato, Caemdon, and Boldtusk up, were it me. Boldtusks attack bonus for all is priceless, hopefully you’ll get the hidden blades you need to bring him all the way but even without them, at 3/60 he’s awesome, fledgling team or not. Your going to be using him probably most for a Long time. Caemdon, bcuz you need hitters, and at 3/60 he still hits harder than most fully ascended 3*s. As Isaac said, look for Balthazar, he’s one I relied heavily on early in the game as well for his fast mana and hard hit. He’s a matter of time, meaning everybody gets him sooner or later(usually sooner). Other than that, just keep an eye on your ascension materials and let that guide you on who to build up 1st.


Also, I gotta say, I was f2p for the 1st 3 months or so and I had ALL 3* heroes except B.T. I view that as a blessing in disguise bcuz now I have 6 fully maxed teams(plus extras) for Wars. As many will point out, War loot sucks, but I still like helping my Alliance and I’m almost always top attacker. If that doesn’t matter to you, and that’s perfectly understandable considering you’ve got great heroes early on, focusing on all 4*s may be the way to go for you. I have a feeling you are going to continue amassing heroes though, and at some point you’re going to want to just stop spending on summons and focus solely on leveling who you have. Obviously build up your stronghold and training camps, but really gems, for someone in your position, may well be better spent on world energy and loot tix in an effort to max what you’ve got b4 expanding your “bench” much further. Just my opinion.