Advice For War Team

Our alliance is switching to BLUE tanks soon. Not a problem, I have Aeigr. However, I’m looking for advice on the best defense using the hereos I have.

I have run -

Kunchen, Joon, Aeigr, Red Hood, Kadilen
Joon, Kunchen, Aeigr, Kadilen, Red Hood

Not really satisfied with either, tho I feel the first option held up better.

Here are my options…maybe there is a better option Im not seeing? I wonder if Magni would be interesting to use somehow but with Aeigr in tank position I don’t know where to put M to fully use his defense boost. It seems a shame to put him in a wing. IDK.

Any advice and help is most welcome.

Thanks in advance.

Kun Red Aegir Marja Joon
for field aid.

Sartana can be swapped in for Kun, when arrows will support the opponents and Boldie for Red, if attack will be boosted.


Thanks for the advice. Much appreciated.

Question - neither Sart or Marj are maxxed yet.

Are you saying to use them as is or can sub them when maxxed? Seems squishy for now. But again, that’s why im asking for advice.

Lol i know nothing…like jon snow. :rofl:


Yes, synergy over power, least if they are almost maxed or at similar power.

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Can’t hurt to give a try. I never would’ve thought of this. War with arrows this round. Fingers crossed. :smile:

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Sartana has to wait for her last ascension. Maybe Magni or better Kadilen left wing this time.

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Roger that. Thx again.

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Nice, I promise you Kadilen last woman standing. The opponent will be whittled down by arrows while ghosting weak tiles and Kad will punish that by finishing all at once.

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Anyone else have some thoughts?

Just looking for options.

I’ve stared at this grouping of hereos way too long to see anything other than what I’m used to.

Bueller…Bueller? Anyone? Anyone? :rofl:

Well that lineup (Kad, Red, Aegir, Marj, Joon) is not holding up well in war at all.

Usually, with my old set up, it takes them 2 flags 1 st time & then anywhere between 3-8 flags 2nd time.

This war they downed me with twice, 2 flags total. Not good. I think that’s because with this red blue red flanks they can just load up on blues and slaughter me down. I think itd be better with green flanks for Aeigr.

Need suggestions please.

Thanks in advance.

Putting red next to Aegir is dicey, because blue is a very good color to use against him. There are solid dispellers at the 4* (Sonya) level and 5* (Frida) level, as well as great defense debuffers (Grimm, Athena) who can overwrite him. Dropping a def down on the red next to Aegir and then pouring in blue tiles is one of my favorite strategies.

In and of himself, Aegir doesn’t punish tiles that hit him. So you can charge up your specials with impunity. If you put a red next to him, I’d only do one red. Purple and Yellow are intrinsically more dangerous. Anything more than one red, and you’re relying on your opponent making a mistake in team selection…

The first team option you presented looks quite reasonable to me. If Aegir delays your enemy long enough for Kunchen to fire, they’re in a world of hurt. And it is to your strong advantage if they bring yellow against you, since there are no yellow dispellers.

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Thanks so much for the thoughtfully put together suggestions, Garanywn.

I agree with your advice.& I think I’ll stick with my original team, until I get Triton, Sart, & Marj fully ascended.

I really wish there was a way to make use of Magni, he is so deadly but if I use Aegir for tanking then it doesn’t seem worthwhile.

In war, is Magni ever a good tank choice? I’ve never done it but in raids I see it fairly often.

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Magni is made of paper until his defense buff comes online. An enemy needs very few green tiles to kill him. He is much better as a flank than as a tank.

Snipers as tanks are dangerous for rainbow teams because they are highly likely to fire. Once upon a time, Lianna was the premium tank :slight_smile: But a sniper can’t take out a 5* hero in one shot in general. So in the age of color stacking, they’re very dicey choices for Diamond level fights.


Ahhhh makes a ton of sense when you put it that way. Will keep him in the flanks. :thumbsup:

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