Advice for upcoming level up

hi guys,
i need help deciding which 5 stars to level.
I have two blades and two tomes, so two heroes.
stop at 3/70: tarlak, raffaele, kadilen costume, gravemaker, gefjon, tyr, magni, onatel.
I currently have the following healers maxed: boldtusk, rigard costume, kiril costume, melendor costume, sabina, gullinbursti, heimdall, vivica costume.
other significant 5 stars maxed: clarissa, freya, joon, malosi, kingston, lianna, fenrir, marjana, mitsuko.
in what order do you think I should level up?
Thanks in advance to everyone.
good game

Cant go wrong with Gravemaker


No debate, Gravemaker.

Cause don’t have Miki, I’d ascend Tarlak for titan hit.

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  • Gravemaker is like a must.

  • C. kadilen is a good alternative for Telluria if your alliance uses green tank.

  • Gefjon is a beast and a useful minion stealer.

  • Tyr maybe is strong in offensive teams, but easy to beat in defense.

  • Magni is a classical blue sniper, but if I were you, I’d wait until you get his costume.

  • Onatel I like her. She’s one of the HOTM I’d like to have. In a defensive team can be a nightmare.

  • Tarlak/ Raffaele, you already have enough healers.


Gravemaker or Gefjon… Would probably recommend both of them, given the continuous green tank meta.

If you only have one set of ring, then GM is like one of the best heroes, and with Marjana you have a sniper role already kinda covered. I would completely ignore Tyr at the moment.

My second choice would be Onatel or Magni, depending on who you think you lack the most… I don’t like Fenrir as a blue sniper and he seems to be your only one for this color; but your yellows also seem to lack some gunpower and Onatel provides that, she’d also shine on defense - she could replace Vivi who I assume you currently have (C Vivi is great but just too slow and passive to run with another passive hero; would be good if you tanked with Mitsuko perhaps but I assume you tank with Heimdall).

Tarlak - leave him at 3.70, that’s enough for titans.

C Kadilen - decent hero but you already have Heimdall

Raffaelle - wait, who?

Thanks for your advice guys :slight_smile:
gravemaker wins :rofl:
for the other, my raid defense at moment:
kingston+11 - vivica c+8 - clarissa+11 - joon+19 - marjana+11 (i no have decent blues for defence)
my ally run with a green tank, my tank war is kingston (i dont like passive tank).
kadilen c for war defence it could be a good choice.
i dont like too fenrir like sniper, so i would need a lot magni.
its so hard… :rofl:

Sorry I somehow missed that you have Joon! You’ll be fine skipping Onatel this time then. So the second one is down to Magni vs C Kadilen.

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Gravemaker is a given. You already have Marjana, so even if One could argue that Tyr or Gefjon is an upgrade, you’re not in dire need of another sniper type red.

Tarlak is good against Titans even at 3.70, so in a tossup between onatel and Kadilen+c, I’d go with Kadilen. Magni is good, and with a costume it would have been a tie.

Wish I had half of those :joy:

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