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Hi all

I’ve been playing now for a couple of months. Doing reasonably well I think. Level 23, 1400 cups, but only recently found out that feeding the same hero gives a 25% chance of a special skill upgrade.
Do any of you veterans have any other top tips in game play that are not obvious?

Thanks in advance!

Hi, I am pretty new as well but you won’t want to worry about that. Especially with 4 and 5* characters.

Feeding the same color of 1 or 2* is the best. I have also recently found out it is better feeding 1 at a time. I guess if you feed 10 you may miss 2 levels.

It is very random so don’t get down if it doesn’t come right away. I just went through a couple frustrating heros but they ended up hitting 8 by 3rd acsension.

Just keep grinding, pumping out feeders, and feeding. It will all come out ok.

If you ever want to use gems to accelerate the construction time on a building, it costs less to accelerate the mines, farms, and storage facilities for the same amount of construction time than other buildings.

Most people won’t recommend spending greens on this but I have 2 training camps at level 20 and already got a 5* hero from one of them. I’ve been playing the game for only 144 days as of this message.

Good luck and happy hunting out there!

The most helpful thing to me was to get all training camps to at least TC11 then use the training level 11 extra low cost as a food and recruit storage, the other 2 you can set to grinding out feeder heroes with backpacks or swords or also just use training level 11 extra low cost to get cheap heroes as well. Another thing is only research and upgrade buildings you need, I only researched training levels 1, 2, 4, 11, and 13 so far. I even regret researching 13 because I recently tried an event pull and got some good 4* so will be leveling them for awhile anyways. Will probably try to rush to stronghold 20 now and research training camp 19&20 only.

Edit: Forgot to mention you can add and take out food and recruits BUT make sure your food storage and housing can handle what you take out or else you lose BOTH the food and recruits. Also you can’t take out one that is partway through being finished.

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Tc13 training can help you hoard food. Tc11 hoards only 35k food for 70 recruits. Tc11 holds 265k food for the same.

Try to keep all your 3 and 4 stars (if you have the space) until you are certain which ones for you are useless. 4 stars are hard to get so I still keep the “useless” ones. They might get buffed in the future.

I think Players Guides contain most of advices that can be mentioned in this thread.

Thanks all - some good advice there :grinning:

@King_Nothing - I don’t get how it’s better to feed 1 at a time though? Surely its better in 10s to get a better chance of special skill upgrades?

@Annieb Depends on the level of your hero. Let’s say you have a Green 3* hero who is on his 2nd tier of ascesion (one ascesion away from being maxed) and at 7/8 special skill level. You also have 5x 2* green heroes and 5x 1* green heroes. Every ascesion guarantees an improvement in special skills . 2* heroes (feeders) of the same color give a little more % chance of special skill upgrade. So you might want to level your 3* green hero using only 1* feeders since the % of s.s upgrade doesnt matter - you will max it when you ascend this hero. This way you can save 2* feeders for leveling other heroes that are lower on their special skills levels, giving them better chance of upgrading it

That’s what I’m usually doing with my 4* heroes. They have more levels (in total) than 3* so it’s easy to get them to max special skill. They’re usually maxed up way before their final ascesion, so I’m slowly leveling them with 1* heroes and saving 2* for my 3* since they’re usually a PAAAIN to get to 8/8 special skill.

I was going by number @Kerridoc posted and made sense.

The overall percentage would be the same whether it was 2% 10 times or a group of 10 @2% each. That is what I understood.

I have been trying it but to be honest I just think I have a bunch of stubborn heros. But they do end up getting to the max special. I don’t have anyone maxed yet.

2% 10 times isnt the same as 20% - I’ve got 3* fully leveled but only 6 or 7 on special skill. But the point on using 2* for the 3s and 1* for the 4 and 5 is a good one :grinning:

It isn’t the same no but I am trying anything to get this special skill on some hero’s.

Some are very stubborn so there will be some headcahes along the way. There is a lot of good info as far as trying to get the max special along. @Xero786 did a video on leveling heros… He is the #1 player so he has a lot of experience with leveling heros and game play.

If you happen to get Leonidas, Elkanen or Thorne from some pulls, you better know that you are not so lucky as you think :face_with_monocle:

Those 3 have not popped up for me. Are they really that bad?

for 5* I have Joon, Obakan, and Nat.

My 4* run pretty deep though and have gotten along well with them.

Got an epic hero token in MV today and pulled Little John. Not sure how I feel because I don’t like facing him. haha.

Moderately useful in AW, if you’ve got nothing better on the bench. After all you need to field 30 heroes so if one of them is Leo, Elkanen or Thorn, they’re likely better than a 3-star hero.

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If you are casual/F2P player or don’t think to play for a long time they are good.

In all the other contests they are simply the worst.

Well, let’s hope they aren’t the ones I pull.

If I do they would def be down on the pecking order to level. Maybe to get the playable in AW but not much farther with what I have to level still.

So whilst I have all your attention I have a very specific dilemma I need advice on…

I’ve a few 4* I’m waiting on ascension items. 1 of those is cyprian who has served me well so far but doesn’t seem great overall looking at the stat sheets.

I’ve just picked up the last trap tools I need to take him all the way, from morlovia, but I also recently got 5* Aeron as a bonus pull (my 1st 5*) So I’m tempted to ascend cyprian but should I hold onto my ascension items for Aeron?

Discuss… :grinning:

I am pretty new compared to a lot of folks here and they may have better advice.

Boril (blue version with riptose) was fun as he was my only 4* blue for the longest time. But Riptose has its places.

I would probably get Aeron going and use it on him. Take Cyprian as high as you can (my boril is 3-8). I really don’t use him a whole lot anymore except wars. I kind of dumped him on defense as well for Kiril too.

That is just my 2 cents with knowing riptose.

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Awesome thanks!
Though I’ve been reading that 8/7 isn’t the best farming level any more as the stats dropped. Thoughts?

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