Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


Absolutely nothing. There’s no message, no warnings… I thought it would be beacause I’m in a low level or my castle isn’t developed enough. I don’t know.


It doesn’t open up the level?


Try logging completely out of your Game Center/Google Play account and then log back in. See if that clears it up. If not, I’d suggest submitting a support ticket in game


No. And it doesn’t show any message about what I have to do to unblock.


There is no minimum level to play any level on the map, and no payment required for any part of the game. Try logging completely out and back in and see if that helps


@Kayla_2 Did that help?


Muy buen tema este yo tengo un problema acabo de eliminar al señor de la oscuridad llevo poco tiempo y he tenido bastante suerte pero se me repiten los de cuatro estrellas en las invocaciones y no tengo guantes y algunos otros elementos para terminar de subir los heroes los tengo uno de 5 estrellas en el nivel 2 y los de 4 estrellas en el 3 ¿hay alguna forma de conseguirlos?


@AGF292 Los guantes y otros artículos que usted necesita no se pueden ganar del mapa. Usted puede ganarlos de las misiones raras (garantizadas), visión mística, cajas deseadas, cajones buscados raros, Titanes y guerras (al azar).


Thanks, very helpful


Thank you for these great tips! Wish you all a wonderful day :hugs::hugs::hugs:


Do Special Skills that remain effectively passive for the next couple/few turns (e.g., Berserker Fury) affect the Troops when striking or only the Heroes?


The damage your troops do is based on the hero’s attack stat, so anything that affects that stat will affect damage.


I have read a good part of the thread, even if an older one. Lots of good advice for beginers. I founded my own alliance long ago, soon as I was level 4, so I had nobody to guide me and no ideea that a forum even existed. So I had to learn most of this things by trial and error… As I said, lots of good advice, a few things I don’t quite agree with, but one thing puzzeled me from the begining. It was:

I mean, did you have a real solid reason for saying so in capital letters, or is just Bane’s sentimental value for being everybody’s first real hero?

Good thread, wish I had found it a few month ago when I needed it…


I think this advice must be taken in the context of the game.
This first Bane is every player’s first 3* hero.
Thus, it is a good idea not to feed it away to some yellow 2* as soon as a player discovers that heroes can be leveled up by feeding them other heroes.

( As you progress in the game, you will refer to 1* and 2* heroes as “feeders”. And as you progress even more … but never mind that now :wink: )


I am pretty sure @NPNKY is referring to this thread with that statement:


Bane is not only everyone’s first 3* hero, he is also one of the best 3* heroes available. So many players make the mistake of feeding him away to a subpar other hero that I felt it was very important to try to prevent it. I fed my first Bane to Chao :cry:


That’s just the point! I can’t imagine any reason anyone would feed Bane in the early game. He is your strongest for a pretty long time… unless you invest a lot in gems from the start. It never crossed my mind feeding Bane to anyone. Still got the original one maxed for war purposes… and occasionally stack him for purple 4* titans. I also think he’s among the best 3*. This is like reminding someone that they must draw breath :grin: I mean, did any of you use the original Bane as feeder early in the game?



You should read the thread in the link above… there are many people in the Society of First-Bane-Feeders… lol


:grin::grin::grin: Never would have thought there are so many! Not my kind of club! :grin::grin::grin: