Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


What does it mean when people say 12-1 or 8-2?

6 month mark - My advice to new players

12-1 means province 12, stage 1


Yup as stated above, it’s province-stage.
Now days one can add the season on front, for example S2 3-4 or 2-3-4 mean season 2 province 3 stage 4.


So what’s the best way to level hero’s and my SH?


To level heroes, you’ll need food and feeder heroes (1* and 2* heroes), which you can get from your training camps and from the map. Feed the hero you want to level up with batches of 10 1* and 2* heroes of the same color (feed red to red, etc) to give the best chance of raising your special ability.

To level your stronghold, you’ll need iron. Lots of iron. Until you hit level 18 stronghold, you’ll want to raise your iron storage to the same level as your stronghold. With one builder, go in this order: stronghold, 1 training camp, iron storages, 1 forge, repeat. Once your iron storage are all at level 18, you can stop and push for stronghold 19 and 20. If you have the second builder, you can sprinkle in some other buildings (mines, farms, food storage, watchtower and houses), but don’t let that slow you down in the push for SH20.


thanks for the advices


To add to @NPNKY’s sound advice:

  • Use matched-color training when reasonable. Feed blue 1* and 2* to blue 3*+, yellow to yellow, etc. You get 20% more experience from a feeder that way. “When reasonable” = break this rule when either (a) you get a transformative hero that you want to bring online ASAP or (b) you have nothing of a color worth leveling.
  • Focus your town build to bring TC20 online ASAP (unless you are spending lots on summons). TC20 is the free method to get a steady stream of 4* and the occasional 5* hero. For more details, see my post above.


I myself thank you very much for your advice. You are doing a great job by sharing your experiences. But how do you switch team’s? That I can’t figure out how to do, and I will join an alliance soon as I can find one that sounds good and will except me. That may be hard because I am now 67yrs young, wish me luck I think I will need it. Again I thank you for your advice.


Do you mean switching between teams? You swipe right or left to scroll between them.
To change heroes within your team, you click on the hero you want to remove. This will highlight them. Then either click the little x in the corner to remove them or click another hero to replace them


Wow, thanks very much for the info, I am sure it will come in handy again thanks alot


@Bettyloves8 we have a spot open in my alliance if you’re interested. Search Magnificent Bastards.


Thanks for the Like @JekLyuk with the Hero Utility! Appreciate that. How are things going?


He is one of the better Rare heroes - Keep him permanently - down the road you can still use him in the Rare hero Challenge events!


Wow! Thank you! Out of every other gaming forum I’ve ever visited, this has to be the best newbie advise I’ve seen! :slight_smile:


Thanks !! You have been very helpful and I appreciate your time and help. Doc Ads B-)


I’ve been blocked at the Province 6, 1st season. I don’t know why I can’t proceed for the next step. Do I have to pay to unblock?


You shouldn’t be blocked. Can you post a screenshot?



It looks like you should be able to go ahead and fight level 6. You have to beat each level before you can move on


What happens when you click on level 6 to fight?