Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


Once you get your stronghold built up to a certain level you will be able to level up your troops. You will then be able to convert a building that is level 5 or above into a barracks. Most people build an extra forge for this purpose.
I wouldn’t worry too much about leveling your 1* and 2* troops. I feel like i wasted so many hams getting a 2* troop leveled up to just pull 3* snd 4* out of the epic troop summons


2* troops are still useful for events.

And there’ll be ham aplenty in the long run …


@CsThRuH2O When you reach stronghold level 10, you can convert a forge (level 5 or higher) to a barracks. You can then use that to level up your troops.
In the meantime, you’ll want to make sure that you lock the ones you want to keep as favorites. In your inventory screen, there is a tab for troops. From there, if you click on one of the troops, it will bring up a lock in the upper left corner. Lock all your 4* troops, at least one of each 3* troop in each color, and 1 of each 2* troop in each color for events. The rest are food.


I guess you are right, I’ve started playing around with stacking colors against titans and in the one special even I’ve played and those leveled up troops have come in handy.


Ahahaha :rofl: :rofl::rofl: :rofl: Bwhahahahahahaha :joy: :rofl:
That’s soooo hilarious and messed up
I can totally see that coming
Thanks for the advice and help and the heads up on the way down :v:


Thanks Soooo much everyone
That was totally useful and very helpful
Because I was beginning to believe that the game makers forgot to create edit suggestions for that area of troops :joy::rofl::smiley:
I didn’t want to be stuck with multiples of the same army

[Tip] Tap on screen to stop loot parade

Don’t know if it was mentioned but you can also skip certain animations such as loot overview after won fight or feeding animation when you upgrade a hero. Just click (somehow 2x for skipping Level up animation)…

[Tip] Tap on screen to stop loot parade

Thank you, very helpful.


There is one flaw in this I have 2 training camps lvl 20 and I keep them going have for 6 months no 5* therefore you are not guaranteed a 5* but I do get 4* every time


I don’t think anyone ever said they were guaranteed 5*. They do guarantee a 3* or better, but as near as we’ve been able to tell, the odds are roughly 75% for 3*, 20% for 4* and 5* for 5*. That’s still a helluva lot better than the summons gate odds.


Most definitely I just thought I’d point that out so no one would think it


Very well said. I wish I had this info earlier.


@NPNKY thank you! I’m new and will totally follow your advice :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


I want to be reimbursed for these rewards I didn’t receive due to beating the map too quickly lol


Everyone who completes S1 gets those rewards, regardless of when you finished it. The reward is in the Missions.


I don’t remember getting them but I do play drunk quite often so shrug


I just have a question that i couldnt find the answer anywhere. How rare elemental wanted missions occurred? Is it by % each time the timer reset or for example after 15 times of normal wanted missions you get one rare one? or any other way?
So the real question is if a reset the timer to play faster the missions with gems (doesnt costs much gems) and have enough energy to finish the mission i will get a elemental wanted mission faster. Does anyone try it? i am looking forward for an answer thank you!!!


It is random, but it’s generally about every 15-30 chests


Thank you. Your post is supportive and informative.


Awesome advice, you have helped me figure out some things. I appreciate you sharing what you have learned. I’m hooked to this game like no other. It’s been my best friend. I did give up Bane for Hu Tao. I had fear! I’m figuring it out though. Thanks for your post and support.