Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."

Thx…, as it turns out, I had just found the answer (though the “double” aspect was in mid-debate, especially for purple vs yellow) elsewhere, and was about to delete my own post, only to find your kind welcome and answer had beaten me by a whole minute!


Thank you for the info

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Can you help me understand who to choose as my team and in what order. I’m very new and confused! Thank you!

For now, keep every 2* hero and above. You’ll need 30+ for wars. Don’t level your 2*, just lock them until you can replace them with better heroes.

For now, focus on your 3* heroes. One in each color. 4* and 5* take a huge amount of resources to level, and you don’t have the infrastructure to support that yet.

Get at least 3 maxed 3* rainbow teams before you worry about 4*.
Get at least 2-3 maxed 4* rainbow teams before you worry about 5*.

Lock all your 4* and 5* heroes so you don’t accidentally feed them away, but don’t level them until you have the infrastructure to support them.

Start with Belith (3* green healer/dispeller), Ulmer (3* blue AoE hitter with defense debuff), Bane (3* yellow sniper with blind), Tyrum (3* purple sniper/dispeller), and Jean-francois until you pull a 3* red. JF is great, but he’s expensive.


Thank you so much I really appreciate your input!

Is there so handbook or somewhere to read for beginners to help explain things. I feel so dumb asking questions. I known this forum is a good resource as well. And again thank you for sharing your knowledge! I’ve only been playing for 2 weeks maybe.

Coppersky’s compendium is excellent. You can find a link to it in the pinned post on this forum.

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I’ve been playing for a year and some change and I’m still loving the highs and low’s of this highly addictive game, and some what still learning different aspects as well .
I can’t help to think that my progress would have be much faster if i knew tips and tricks and know how, to project me faster through this game.
Granted everything is a learning curve and experience, but take for instance ascending 6, 4* teams for war felt like forever. One team took over a month let alone 6 teams .

I’m just putting it outhere guys maybe this thread could be useful to someone at some point . So my I wish I knew this when I was a Rookie is

I wish I knew how to set up and max a rainbow team the quickest way possible, it was similar to AndyBSG’s Levelling Guide 785 with slight variations

So please feel free to add yours

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There’s a thread for this…with a comparable title:


Merged, thanks! :heart_decoration:

Derpatron are you saying that after level 10 you can create a barrack at any level? I know this is a old message but I hope you get it. Thanks, because I would need to contact support since I can’t build a barracks and a waiting for level 20 which I am close to.

John, do you have a free builder, or are they both busy upgrading other buildings?

Yes, and I swear there was a tutorial that walked you through this the first time you pressed convert, but I can’t prove that.

Is there a thread where common abbrevitations exist? That might be really helpful for new players to read and can help them grow.

Asking because I’m new and there are a lot of short hand terms that make learning this game harder.

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Try this: The E&P Jargon-Pulverising Fictionary (glossary, definitions, dictionary)


Thank you so much good person!

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I apologize if I missed it, but at what recommended level do your mines and farms have to be to reach SH20? I’m currently at SH17, I have 4 mines at 15, 6 farms at 10, 1 farm at 11, and 1 farm at 4.

Also, I’d like recommendations on how to proceed. I have TC13 and 2xTC4, and my roster is as follows:

I want to thank everyone in advance for their assistance and for putting together such a great thread. It has been nothing short of a godsend.

There will come a time when ascension mats will flood your inventory unless you want 70-90 max 5 stars. If you are here for the long game, avoid using rugged clothes and swords as they are not food efficient. You may also want to avoid paying gems to get these ascension mats.

I’ve been playing over 18 months and i have nothing like that to show. What level player are you? How much do you spend? I literally have just one maxed 5 star. I’m lucky to get a 3 star ascencion mat in every three Titan chests. War chests are comical.