Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


In raiding the thing is to kill with special abilities, and doing close to everything to not give defense mana to activate special abilities.

Make hole in the middle then start to push more shields thru it (misses) than hitting enemies. Maybe kill one another defender with shields (and special abilities), to have bigger hole in the middle.

Defense gain less mana (basically defense just hits with normal attacks), but you gain additional mana from total-missed shields. I think some people refer this as “ghosting”.

Less defense left, more avoid hitting with shields, instead intentionally miss, gain additional mana (compared to normal shield hits) and kill with special abilities.


You got the idea :grinning:
20 char


What do you mean Autoplas through maps


I am also only a new player of around about 4 to 5 weeks and I worked out that little trick on about the 2 week. What I do is check out the opponents strengths and wipe out both the health and strongest and the one closet to them to make my hole and then keep feeding my heros to full status befor each shot.
What I try to do as well is make sure all my heros are fully loaded before killing of my opponent so that I go to the next stage/battle with a tgat advantge. It works like a charm and has got through many a tough battles and they do get harder as they go.

The only thing that I find annoying and don’t understand how it’s made possible is that the battle heros of opponents seems to all increase in mana at the same time no matter weather they are hit or not and no matter which color tile hits them, add to that that they shot when ever they feel like it weather they have full mana or not. So trying to find work arounds in strategies has been fun.

When it comes to storages and food/iron production I keep them upgraded to help keep up with amount demands throughout the game and demand on training recruits as seem to be traing around 150+ each day and then there’s the demand on leveling heros to keep up with making room for trained recruits.

I’ve read many posts here and keep seeing the same old complaints about at the rate thier going it will 12 months before they get anywhere decent.
I have been playing for around 5 weeks or so now and I’m at level 16, have so much material/loot I feel like going to yhe weekend markets to sell them (lol), 3x4* heros half loaded and that’s after having fully maxed about a dozen 2*/3* ones and since use them to level the 4* just to make room. My power is over 2000 and I toggle around the 600 mark in cups.

I beat larger teams more often than not based on my strategy above, I do need to find a better defence team as it loses 2 in 5 battles at the moment so I’m working on improving that to around 2 in 8. I think I,ve come up with something close as when I logged on this morning I had won 4 and lost 3 which wasn’t too displeasing. I found you know you have a decent defence team when they either don’t try again or only retry one.

Admittedly I did fork out for a VIP pass which although slow I found to be the best deal which stretches out what you get over time which in turn gives time think/plan what your gonna use it for instead of buying it in one bulk and then a week later being pissed at yourself becsuse you should have used it for something else.



I’ll add something :slight_smile:

  • stop looking at top players and comparing yourself to them. Most of them have been playing since the beginning and are spending quite a lot $$ to get their heroes. You don’t have any maxed 5* and player XYZ has a fully leveled team of HOTM? So what? Play for entertainment, go with your own flow.
  • thinking about strategy can be really really helpful. Even the smallest things count, you don’t have to analyse every single aspect of the game and your heroes. Simple things - when your team is fully mana-d up, firstly fire the one that has attack buff or defense debuff (on the enemy). When your debuffer (Melendor, Belith, Sabina) is all mana-d up and you see an enemy ready to fire and their special is either something that helps their team or weakens yours, wait for them to fire first and then fire your Melendor to clear that nasty attack off. There are a lot of small things like this that improve your game.
  • a freshly pulled 4* or 5* in 99% of cases is way worse than a fully leveled 3*. Yeah it’s soooo cool to have your first 5* but wait a while before using them, level the up first. Be patient. Putting a newbie 5* in your team is a terrible idea. Unless, of course, you want to see how they work - farming low map levels is a great way to check your new hero out.


My addition:

  • there’s no single off team in wars and raids - you need to adapt and combine what you have against each opponent

  • learn how to set up your def team - there’s a good topics about that (AI goes from left to right, so you want dispellers, debuffers, buffers that goes before your hitters, etc)

  • learn that your hero can choose which hero to attack with special skills

  • learn to use items in battles (titan, event)

  • if you need to train more than one hero, or forge more than one item - keep that finger on + sign, it will auto increase

  • game is ‘patience while praying to random number generator gods’, let that sink in - sometimes you can buy exact ascension items or low heroes, and that’s it - everything else is based on randomness, no you won’t have guarantee for hero of the month if you spend money for 10x 10x summon, yes we all expect to see them, however, there are people who didn’t get even 5star after many months of playing and doing some summons - be happy when you’re lucky :wink:

  • money will give you higher heroes faster, however, also frustration because you’ll lack ascension items, and yes, you’ll spend months if you want to build your team into stronger one, that’s a feature, not a bug :rofl:

  • spend gems only on:

    • event summons, if you’re free to play (you can’t get event heroes from TC)
    • event and elemental summons
    • extension for events on levels with 3/4 star ascension items (they’re worth those 75 gems)
  • do not spend gems on buying ham/iron, and speeding things up (yes, people are doing it for chests, I don’t think it’s worth their cost - it’s still RNG and I’ve got useless ones and good ones, so, keep in mind - it’s RNG)

  • don’t spend items for going over the map - if all your heroes die - they just need to grow more, go back and feed them, return after a week or two

  • do level watchtower when you have food in excess, because it’s good for resources and if you’re active, you won’t lose much, and if you’re not active, then it doesn’t matter, but you’ll have it for after you return back :slight_smile:

  • go ASAP for tc13, and build your way up tc20, you’ll use tc1, 2, (3), 4, 11 when they come (and learn about various usage of them along the way - food bank, recruit bank are search keywords)

  • do not eat ANY 3star heroes until you have good idea who to just keep (for wars until you get better stuff), who to level (for events, you want to participate in events = ascension items are there)

  • learn to stack colours - useful against tanks in raids and wars, and against titan (find topic for that, it’s great), and while you’re weaker player (below 3500 TP for each team), you want to have many heroes so you can be prepared for many war situations (Hazard’s war strategy is great text about advanced fights)

  • if you want to play wars organised, where all team members participate and you all have fun, that’s a bit harder to find while you’re lower strength player, but keep searching

  • learn to use various analysis tables - Anchor grading, mine and similar for figuring out heroes, AW team planner - not because you’ll have fixed team, but because it helps to figure out what you really have - it’s hard to remember all heroes, and you don’t need to - you need to understand what you have and how to combine them

  • do not spend days whining/dreaming/planning about something you don’t have, learn to play with that what you do have - it will be tremendously more fun that way

  • join the active alliance who smacks titans because ascension items are there, who knows about color stacking, who knows that wu is useful, who communicates goals for the team to everyone and who are transparent about leadership moves, whose members are friendly and helpful and respectful towards each other - leader isn’t your god and you don’t owe loyalty - you came to play game, and have fun, don’t allow that anyone steals that from you

  • your progress depends heavily on alliance you’re in - if they’re not hitting titans, ascension items comes slower, if you see things are falling apart - run away and find active one, summer is especially prone to people keep slacking around

  • also, be aware that your participation affect everyone else as well, if you can’t keep up for any reason, find alliance with lower requirements until you grow up / your schedule changes etc

  • keep learning from many sources


Grats @NPNKY. This is an AMAZING post. I 100% agree with everything you said. I will add this one post I did about TC11 (training Camp lv11). It is too big a topic for your original post, but it is the first thing I hit that made me realize this is a VERY deep game.

Recruit Bank

Great topic. Keep it up!


I am in week 1. Currently level 12, SH 8, following direction on what to upgrade. Is there any value at all in holding on to 2* heros, or should I use them all to upgrade my 3* and only hold the 2* for the colors I don’t have 3* or higher in yet? I have been collecting 2* to have them but it sounds like they aren’t going to do me any good. If I need them early I will keep them, otherwise I can load those bad boys out and move my 3* to top levels now. Bane yellow, Valen blue, Tyrum or Balthazar purple, then red and green I still am only on 2* characters. Help on if I need the 2* and which purple to elevate would be greatly appreciated


Only keep 2* of colours you do not have 3* for now. Also, I would suggest leveling both Tyrum and Balthazar - while it may not always be ideal to have two of one colour, it is still better to be hitting with 4x 3* than with 3x 3* at your level of the game. Also - do not feed away your 3* when you get your 4*! You will need them to play the Challenge Events.


so not an issue to not have a character from every color base? Seems to hinder the attacks when you “hero not present” on something. I guess more power does make more sense though. Good to know, that means cya all my 2* and my 3* will move up for sure. I will probably raise my team strength by over 100 points. Thanks.


If you plan to participate in Alliance Wars, you will need a bench of 30 heroes. Dont feed away your 2* until you have 30+ heroes. Then use the extras to feed your 3* or better. Dont waste resources leveling up your 2*, but keep them for now


What factor(s) affect the damage that shield matches from the board do? I don’t mean color strong versus, I mean what makes them actually do more damage? Is it troop level? hero level? Something else?


Hero attack stat, troop type and troop level


Thank you. It’s not easy to get these answers.


The experienced players in your alliance should be helping you with these things. If they aren’t, or if they aren’t even active, you need a new alliance.


I am still new player, 1st account 6 week old, 2nd account 4 week old.

I saw lot of advice on how to spent gems but no one seem to suggest to use gem for heroes rooster size upgrade early, Here why I think that is a good first use of gems:

On both account, I spent 250 gem to get the 5 first heroes rooster size upgrade for 25 more heroes space.
Space is not an extra when you need to keep 30 heroes for war and to get the most of your feeding using 10x same color 1* and 2*.

I know most people feed same color mix of 1* and 2*, give average of 30%(5x1* + 5x2*) special skill increase, but I use another strategy, I use 10x1* or 10x2* of same color and I keep the trainer heroes, here why:

You want a heroes special skill to reach it’s max before it get it’s max ascension-level, this is problematic mostly with 3*.

10x1* same color special skill increase is a “low” 20%, but you can still get it, it won’t raise much your hero XP meaning it give you more try until it’s fully leveled.

10x2* give a bigger experience boost but raise special skill increase chance to 40%, we are almost talking about a coin flip, which is a great chance to raise special skills.

With a big heroes rosters space, keep the copy of your 3*(or higher) to increase special skill too, you can use 3x(same heroes) (75%) + 6x2* (24%) and 1x1* (1%)(same color) and get a 100% chance spacial skill increase.
If you can get an extra 4x(same heroes) use only the 4 to get a 100% special skill increase, that’s a very good tips for the 3* you don’t level yet while you get them out of tc13.
I strongly suggest not to use the 3* heroes with special skill increase chance under 100% as bad luck will feel like you wasted them, unless you get to the point where it does not matter anymore, or for something like 2xsame heroes 50% + 8x 3*same color 48% = 98% chance

Keep in mind that you don’t need higher special skill than 8 minus ascension left to be done as ascension is almost guaranteed special skill increase(some report it can fail).

Keep your trainer heroes to finish leveling a heroes that have special skill maxed. Doing so you reduce the chance to get a fully level heroes that have only special skill around 4 or 5 and need to spend more heroes to it, losing the XP only to get only special skills increase.
Trainer heroes are also good to finish xp level up of 4* and 5* heroes you will get in the future as many other suggest as for them special skill increase is less problematic.

I been buying the next heroes rooster size upgrade (100 gem each for the next 5 heroes size boost) when I needed them, I will keep doing it based on my needs.
I decided not to use the gems to go for 1x elemental summon right away, maybe removing the chance to get a 5* soon, still might get one out of a free epic summon token… my tc13, on fist account, already provided 2x4* and many 3* so I am not in hurry for 5* and I lack the ascension material anyway. tc20 will ultimately provide some 5* at some point in the future and I will probably have more of the required ascension material when it will happen.

Gems for epic troops?:
On my first account I got lucky and got got 2x4* troops from epic troops summon token and a few 3* troops, on my 2nd account I was not lucky and only got only 1x3* troops yet, so I decided to keep stacking the gems to possible use of the 10x epic troops summon, 1600 gems to get 10 for the price of 8 single(200 gem each). I might use that only ONCE if I still lack too much better troops once I get that amount of gems (free to play take some time to get there), If I get better troops before I got the gems, then I will still be able to use them elsewhere like the most recommended 10x elemental summon of the color of the HoTM in coming months.


Lot of people suggest not to bother building watch tower at first, but I had good experience getting watch tower fast:
Early watch tower can give you an “easy win” gathering 4k food and 4k iron which is most needed in the first day(s).
Furthermore the cost in food for reroll is 100*stronghold level, so stronghold of level 3 would cost 300 food to reroll, while a win could gather a good 4000 food and 4000 iron, and there is plenty of those “new player” full of resource sitting at 0 trophy with team power under 1000, you will mostly want the iron to level up faster your first few buildings.

As new player you want to complete the raid quest chest for it’s loot, not to have lot of trophy.
Even if you don’t win each heroes you kill counts for the raid chest quest.

To complete the raid quest chest faster having a strong defense team is a bad choice.
There is good reason why you want a weak defense team at first:
Weak defense team will lose on defense keeping your trophy low meaning that you will in average get easier fight and then fill-up your raid quest chest faster !!!
The resource you lose in the watch tower for losing is minimal compare to what it give for winning.
Furthermore all the lose you have give you the revenge button, my team of 2250 power with defense team of 1500 I revenge mostly on 1600-2000, having 6 easy win when I am ready to get my raid quest chest and the resource I get from them is usually higher or equal than what I lost.

The down side appear once you get over 600 trophy because you switch to silver arena which is suppose to give you better raid quest chest reward, but even then I prefer to keep weak defense team and have plenty of easy revenge available when finds opponent give me a hard team.


Your theory is good and works OK if you get same heros in from TC because since I started getting 3* and 4* heros from summons I haven’t recieved a single same hero from TC’c and I have 3 of with highest being level 13 for now and even that takes 2 days to train a hero only giving me 2* heros so far.

It’s taking me ages to level heros because of the colour factor but even I found their special skills incease faster when I mix the colours for example level a stong 2* into a weak 3* or 4* but if I try to level a weak colour into a strong it takes up to 4 or 5 heros before getting a level which is a wasteful way of using them up.

As for troops well that’s a different matter, I had about 40 or so and only 1 x 3* which means even though I have a few 4* heros thier only backed by 1 and 2* troops which I feel diminishes thier potentals greatly.

Guess where not all as lucky as some.


It takes time. This is not a game that can be mastered in a week, or a month, or even several months. Get your stronghold to level 20 as soon as you can. Then get your training camps to level 20. If you dont have strong 4* and 5* heroes on your roster, keep 2 training camps running Legendary training 24-7. Use the other two to train feeders.
When you get to TC13, you can research Epic training, which gives guaranteed 3* with a chance of a 4*.


The forum lots of times is full of bad advice too