Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


Look at MB Foundation or MB Ascendant. You’ll fit in one of those, @The_Chino


Thank you. Was able to join For the stars.

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Nice Post. I liked it very much. Appreciable work. Good. Keep it up.

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Good stuff. All things I learned the hard way going solo with no alliance for a long time. Thanks!

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I think the best advise I wish someone had told me earlier is to lvl up the correct heroes so I could win rare quests, event challenges and seasonal events.

The first few quests and events I literally skipped (lost the chance for ascension items), due to the first set of my heroes were not ideal for them.

If you just started the game, only lvl the proper heroes that are useful for getting ascension materials. Don’t worry much about cups or raids.

With that said, lvl these ASAP:

Wilbur (spend a little money and get this guy from atlantis)
Wu kong
Boril or Kiril
Proteus (If you can, get this OP guy for quests)

If you have them above lvled to max, you can beat any quest and challenge. (still won’t be easy, but very do able).

Also lvl up your forge so you can craft bombs, mana pots, potions and revive scrolls.


I would tend to disagree with this. I would say, especially for F2P or C2P, that the best bet is to focus on learning to effectively use the heroes you have. There’s no way to control which heroes you get, but with very few exceptions, they can all be combined effectively to complete the rare quests. Any 4* can go to 3/60 without needing rare mats, and any 3* can go to max.

If you spend all your time wishing for the heroes you lack, you won’t be able to enjoy the heroes you have.


Well, for F2P small giant makes it very tough to beat rare quests, monthly and seasonal events unless you get to TC 20. I guess for pure F2P, just focus on lvling stronghold to lvl 20 so you can train the heroes I mentioned above. Except for Wilbur and Proteus.

You really just need wukong, rigard, another healer such as melendor or boldtusk and another attacker. So lvl them asap once you get them.

lvling 3-stars are fun, until it isn’t… It’s kinda bad that 3-star event rewards have no ascension items.


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Actually my first complete 4* Team was Kiril, Boril, Chao, Tiburtus and Little John.

This was good enough for rare quests.

Last Christmas event I did with Kiril, 2xChao, Little John and Tiburtus and lots of mats.
That was a real challenge for the hard mode. :smile:

I am true FTP and this Shows you can do almost everything with vanilla 4* heroes. :smile: :+1:

Although it is a lot easyer if you have Proteus and some 5* heroes. :smile:

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I’ve completed the last level of each rare quest with a color stacked team of maxed 3* (before emblems) and judicious use of items. It takes careful board play and good team synergy, but it can be done


What about seasonal events and challenge events? Those are harder.

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Yes, they are. I’ve only been able to get halfway through Epic with 3* on the monthly challenge events.


Ya, those are what I mean. With the proper 4-stars, you can beat monthly and seasonal events. Where 100% guarantee 3 and 4 ascension items.

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The rare quests are every 7-10 days, and also give guaranteed nonfarmable ascension materials.