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Hi guys, one question: what happened if my hero 4* is lvl 40 and i have skills only 1/8… how can i make 8/8? Ascendent only 4 bars available?

When you ascend her, she will go to ascension 2, level 1. As you continue to feed her, she will gain more skill improvements. By the time she goes from 2/1 to 2/50, she’s likely to gain 1 or 2. From 3/1 to 3/60, she will gain more. And from 4/1 to 4/70, if she wasn’t already maxed, she will gain the rest.

I’ve never seen a 4 star not get their special to 8/8 by 3/60, much less 4/70


Just make sure to feed red hero with red heroes only, blue with blues etc. This not only gives you 20% more xp but also doubles the chance to upgrade the skill. It is slower but more effective.


Thank you for tips and for fast answers

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I’ve had one at 4/8 at 3.60 feeding all same color. They were 8/8 though soon after.

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@littleKAF That’s one stubborn hero

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Lol, me too, my scarlett at 5/8.
But my Tiburtus and Caedmon 8/8 around 3.01 (using diff/same color and also using Trainer Hero!), just because I want leveling faster, I do not have *3 green and also my *3 purple is Prisca! lol…
but again thats RNG.

Guys i have another question: i have lvl 17 and lvl 8 on sh… is good to rush lvl? Or is bad?

You missed some things: 1- DO NOT GO CRAZY BUILDING FARMS TO RAMP UP PRODUCTION! INSTEAD, BUILD 4 FARMS AND 3-4 FOOD STORAGES, THEN FOCUS ON UPGRADING THEM! (I have 7 farms & 3 food storage, and I’m kicking myself for building the extra 3.) 2- Aim for a minimum of 3 of each type of production structure (farm, mine, training camp, forge) and 4 of each storage structure. 3- when you can convert a structure to a barracks, use a forge, so that you don’t lose a training camp that you may need later.

I have a decent roster i would say. If i sent over my roster could you give me some advice on who to pair up together and where to position them?

Eh? That’s actually pretty bad advice. 8 farms at lvl1 produce more food than 1 farm at lvl 20. 8 farms at lvl 5 produce 9600 food per hour, 4 farms at lvl 10 produce 9208 food per hour. That’s already a bit more, but the real kicker is the cost. It takes 206880 iron to get 8 farms to lvl 5, but it takes 898240 iron to get 4 farms to lvl 10! That’s 4 times as much iron. Not to mention the time it takes to upgrade buildings. Things will only get worse once you get near lvl 20, with a very small increase in result at a very high cost in iron/time.

You want to build as many buildings as you can (except for the forge maybe), as it’s much more cost efficient. The only downside to lower level farms is that you have to empty them more often so they don’t hit the storage limit, but if you have every farm at lvl 8 at least, you only need to empty them twice a day.


I agree. You cannot control how many of each building you have at the end so just build all you can build.

Low level upgrade usually generate better ROI and is faster to upgrade


Agree build up what you can … you don’t need as many forges so convert one to a barracks…


@Shenson sure. Hit me up on Discord at NPNKY#3674

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Season 1 Province 5 I keep getting kicked out of the game and it takes my world energy. I have lost half of my 31 points of world energy from kick outs.

That’s rather interesting, because I’ve read other posts that tell you to do exactly what I suggested… Here is where the problem lies: once you build, you’re committed: you can’t replace a building with a different one. So if you went crazy building farms then realize “oh crap! I need more training camps, but I don’t have room…” you’re screwed.

But that’s not how base building works. You can’t choose freely from all buildings. So it’s either you build a farm or you build nothing. You can’t build a 5th training camp instead.

At SH2 you can have 3 farms, 1 mine, 1 training center, 1 forge, 1 house, 2 iron storage, 1 food storage. That’s 10 buildings you can build, and you have 10 slots available.

At SH3 you get 4 more spots and you can build 1 farm, 1 mine, 1 food storage and 1 forge extra. So 4 buildings for 4 slots.

Etc. etc.

So if you decided to not build a farm and build all other available buildings, you’ll just be left with an empty spot and you can’t build anything else there but a farm.


Looking to join your alliance but says invite only

@The_Chino click Request to join

Thanks anyways. Not strong enough yet.

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