Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


thank you —that is good to know. :slight_smile:


One more question…on the specials such as the druid’s companion. Does it eat the damage dealt to her or does it have a different benefit such as adding defense? Atm, she’s my strongest green character but i pulled a 3*, yesterday so i was thinking that I’m done putting resources into her.


The companion? You mean the Thorn Minion? It’s a meat shield.


Lol that’s one way to call it.


Ok. All right. But how happpend after 2 monte I can ingrease the heroes from lvl60 to lvl70 because after a lote chests from titans, war, wanted mision I am not receveided compass. I have 13 heros epics and I waiting a compass. I am vip player but I think will closed this games.


This is a slow-paced game. Rare AM are difficult to find at first. Make sure you complete all rare quests, open mystic visions ASAP, and keep grinding to fill chests quickly. The most important thing to do to increase your rare AM is to hit bigger titans harder. Build up a solid 3* squad and join an alliance that is hitting titans at the edge of your current capability. Big titans drop better loot.


I have my aliance. Down bigger titans, win the wars, that is frustrants for me. I know ppl join most recetly, not vip and take 2 legentary herouse and I than take vip can’t loot and simple compas.


Theres a lot of luck in this game. One month you get the Hero of the Month with anfree token; another month, 120 draws arent enough. Law of large numbers says, keeping grinding—give yourself as many chances at a lucky draw as possible.


Doesn’t mether after expire vip I will delete the accont.


How do I get my hero to pick which hero to attack with their special skill


Tap on the target hero first. A white circle will appear. Then fire the special


What do you mean - learn to stack colours? And how do I do that?


How do I set up a good defence team? Where do I learn that?



Search the forums for “defense team help”. There are a bazillion threads helping on particular teams. Read a selection and you’ll start seeing some common themes. General parameters:

  • Rainbow (all five colors) is preferred
  • bring a good all-team healer
  • if you bring a second healer, make sure it’s doing something else useful, like Boldtusk’s +attack
  • center hero needs to be tough—high defense/health—because it takes damage from three of the seven tile columns. Best if the center does something really annoying, like Kashhrek’s heal+red shield
  • include some solid hitters. A defense that’s all healers/utility will get chipped away.
  • expect to lose some trophies overnight regardless of your defense. Raids are stacked to favor offense, but your defense should hold enough to let tou get back up,to a good raid tier when ypu open your Heroes Wanted chest.


What about levelling up the watch tower. Does it have any priority?


Thank you. I had no idea that you could do that. I have used the heroe special skill but had thought the target was random


Stacking colors is where you have more than one hero of a color on your attacking team. This increases the damage done by tiles of the stacked-into color, since the attack stats of each hero get combined in calculating the tile damage for tiles of that color.

The best effect is achieved when you stack in the weak color of the enemy tank (center hero).

So, for example, if the enemy has a blue hero in tank position, you could bring 2, 3, 4 or 5 green heroes on your attacking team and significantly increase the damage done per green tile. Tiles of the defender’s weak color do double normal damage, too, so tiles can end up doing a fearsome amount of damage with a heavy stack. You might conceivably kill the tank with just a few tiles.

While the rewards are good for stacking, it comes with risks. You are very dependent on the randomly-generated board happening to have plenty of tiles of the stacked-into color. That’s what the link that @NPNKY gave you is talking about–how likely you are to get difficult boards when you stack.

With a rainbow team, you do (much) less damage per tile, but if the board is bad for a given color hero, you have 4 more heroes of different colors that still can do damage and charge mana.

Learning how and when you should color stack is a core skill in E&P because of how effective stacks are.

This thread takes a look at what kinds of color stacks different players prefer, and why:


The watchtower will often provide much better resource income than your farms and mines compared to the investment. Watch tower upgrades using food, so if you get VIP it’s a convenient upgrade because you’ll be out of iron frequently. Losses from raids aren’t significant; just collect the resources from it as the last thing you do before closing E&P.


How does this game compair to Empire Four Kingdoms?