Advice for New Players, or "All the things I wish someone had told me when I first started."


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I play since June 2017 and due to many mistakes I made, I decided to cancel my old account and started over again in Dec 17.
I would tell my younger E&P me, not to spend gems on anything else than elemental or seasonal summons (which was the main reason why to start over) and keep golden coins until special events. Also to bring TC to 20 should be the first goal. Also not to feed anything unnecessarily to 2* troops/heroes.


Love it. Wise advice indeed.


Thank you for all the info.


I have a question here. I am at SH 12, farms at 12, mines at 12 with storage lagging. I’m putting all my effort into my 4* and do not have any lvl’d 3*. Am i going about this wrong?

Also, i am confused about the TC talk and leveling those. I have one at 6 one at 2 and one at 3. How do i maximize my training camps?

This is my team and this is a glimpse of my base.!

@NPNKY please help! If you remember you helped chose my hero’s to lvl first.




@rdeleon8388 Okay, finish your current 4* heroes at least to 3/60. Then make sure you get at least 2 rainbow teams of 3* to max. This will give you some flexibility to stack colors, so you can complete the rare quests and the class quests, which will give you the materials to finish your 4* and eventually your 5* heroes.

As for your training camps, you are really hampering yourself by not leveling them up. Not only will higher levels of TC give you a chance to train your own epic and legendary heroes, it also gives you access to extra low cost training, for the most efficient source of feeders.

  1. Bring all of your TCs to 11 next.
  2. Research Extra Low Cost and dump all your recruits into it for a steady stream of feeders. Don’t bother researching any of the other levels. You won’t use them.
  3. Then go back to leveling up your stronghold. Level in this order: Stronghold, 1 training camp, all iron storage, all food storage, then repeat.
  4. When you get your first training camp to level 13, research Epic training. This will allow you to train your own 4* heroes. It gives guaranteed 3* or better with a small chance of 4* heroes.
  5. When you get your food storages to level 14, stop leveling them and put mines and farms into the rotation instead.
  6. When you get all your iron storage to level 18, take them out of the rotation.
  7. Keep this up until you get Stronghold level 20 and your first training camp level 20. That will allow you to research Legendary training.
  8. Now go back and bring the rest of your camps to level 20, one at a time.

Eventually, you’ll want to have one camp running at level 20 round the clock, 2 running at level 11 round the clock, and the last one (which you get at stronghold level 20) alternating between level 2, 3, and 19 depending on your supply of wooden swords, backpacks, and rugged clothes


@NPNKY thank you! This helps me so much! I had no idea where my focus should be.


When leveling up is it better to use the same color characters to level up


Thanks for the advice.


Yes. You get a 20% bonus to the experience gained with same color feeders, plus it doubles your chances of skill up


Actually, that was bad advice. You do need 2* and 3* troops of every color leveled for challenge events.


Thank you for the advice :grin::grin::grin:


I just want to say THANK YOU!!! I started playing 1 week ago, and I’m doing ok for never having played any kind of game like this ever. BUT, there was so much great advice!!! And I now understand so much more. I literally read every post and reply and I’m so glad I did. I’ve never put much effort into learning games but I’m quite active- it’s even surprising me- how much I’m enjoying this game. So, I will continue to follow everyone’s advice and tips and I say thank you again!

I also want to say I’m amazed at how friendly and generous everyone is with helping the rest of us learn. Even if I’ve had to google some of the things said, sorry I’m really not a gamer before this game, but I’m learning and I love it.

I hope you guys enjoy this as much as I have been!


This may be just a slight dated however still valuable Where do I as a Player have Control?

As well I have started a FAQ on TM: SELECT FAQS

And at request of members assembling a QUICK LINK MENU for the site itself.


thank you all for the great information here. i’m just over a week and building SH10 atm. earlier i read that i can train troops once the stronghold is built, so i decided to start searching for newbie info here. [duh, should have came in the first day].

anyways, someone mentioned earlier in this thread about not feeding weak colors to strong colors while leveling heroes. would someone please care to expand and explain? yes, i have fully ascended and trained a 1* and a 2* lol but i needed the healing of Sharan and the less expensive training for Jenneh has made her one of the strongest of team so far [we are a young team] and Sharan has since been moved to team 2 since I pulled Rigard. Tomorrow i was planning on feeding both a Renfeld and Balthazar since I had duplicates. I know that feeding the same color adds a 2% chance to improve special ability so i have been trying to do that as much as possible. —but based on this thread, feeding them should be a no? also, i have received multiple max lvl trainer heroes [i can’t remember if they were titan loot or AW?] but i was thinking of feeding them since it appears that they will make my hero jump even faster than the 1st level 3*

my alliance doesn’t really talk, but i’m grateful that i have received some replies when i decided to ask some questions. but seeing all of these alliances that are either invite-only or needed a crazy number of cups for a newbie—i was glad to find an alliance that was open newbie with request to hit titans. [darn the hydras for kicking my bum!] lol

again, thanks for this thread. it’s been extremely valuable this evening.

  1. Don’t feed away any 3* heroes until you have at least 30 better ones for wars and quests. Even Renfeld, as bad as he is, will be better than your 2*.
  2. If you feed same color heroes (red to red, blue to blue), it doubles your chances of skill up. Off color is 1% per star, same color is 2% per star.
  3. Save your trainer heroes for the last 10 levels or so, after the special skill is 8/8. You’ll get a lot more experience out of them, but no better chance of getting a skill up.


thanks for that NPNKY. i can’t tell you how tempting it is to eat those trainers lol. so this morning, i’ll put away renfeld and the trainers from the breakfast plates lol

what do people mean by strong colors and weak colors? is it just that you want to train with same colors or does it mean something different?

i have another hour before my SH is upgraded and i’m so excited this morning to start raising my TC. this thread has been fantastic.


Each color is strong against one color and weak against one color. The other three are neutral. Tiles of a strong color do double damage to mobs and heroes. Tiles of a weak color do half damage. Neutral colors do normal damage.

It’s important to note that unless the description specifically states otherwise, special attacks from heroes are not color dependent.

Red tiles: strong against green, weak against blue, neutral against red, yellow and purple
Green tiles: strong against blue, weak against red, neutral against green, yellow and purple
Blue tiles: strong against red, weak against green, neutral against blue, yellow and purple
Yellow tiles: strong against purple, weak against yellow, neutral against red, blue, and green
Purple tiles: strong against yellow, weak against purple, neutral against red, blue, and green.

If you think about elements, it makes sense.
Fire is strong against grass and weak against water
Water is strong against fire and weak against grass
Grass is strong against water and weak against fire
Dark is strong against light and weak against dark
Light is strong against dark and weak against light.

If you still struggle to remember it, there’s a reminder in the top left corner of your battle screen.